Pre-arrival Items and Important Information

Pre-arrival items and important information

Important Information for all Berklee students in preparation for their Valencia experience

Preparing for the Valencia experience is the first step to ensure your success at Berklee’s campus in Spain. Please review the following materials closely and refer to your specific section for next steps as new information becomes available in the following weeks.

COVID-19 Policies

We have worked and planned to have our facilities ready to welcome our community and deliver an excellent experience to our students while ensuring that the recommendations of health authorities and our partners at the occupational prevention service and medical teams are met. Please review the following materials so you become familiar with our protocols:

Introduction to Campus Resources

Please review the following items to become familiar with our campus facilities and resources:

Introduction to Student Affairs

The Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion office provides a myriad of resources and services to ensure that students settle nicely in Valencia, and are supported through their experience. Please review the following materials to become familiar with important aspects of the student experience:

  • Berklee’s SHIP - School Health Insurance Program:
    All Valencia students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the Berklee SHIP but may waive (decline) participation by demonstrating they are enrolled in a health  insurance plan that meets the requirements of their program. Visit the health and wellness services website section to know more about the waiver process depending on your program of study. 


Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As students, you have an important role in helping to make sure Berklee is inclusive and welcoming for people of all identities. Doing that starts with understanding your own identity. This Diversity and Inclusion self-reflection survey and the Identity Wheel activity are great ways to see and embrace what makes you unique. As well as these activities, please check out the following modules in preparation for the Berklee in Valencia experience: 


The Equity and Title IX Policies prohibit acts of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct, including, but not limited to, sexual assault or harassment, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. Such acts undermine Berklee’s community values and are strictly prohibited. All community members are encouraged to contact the Equity Office to report any instances of potential violations of either the Equity or the Title IX Policy and receive additional information, options, and supportive measures.

The following materials may be updated closer to the start of the program, but please feel free to review them to become familiar with our Equity Policy and Process.

Introduction to Accessibility Resources

The Accessibility resources office aims to empower students and ensure access. Please refer to this section on our website for more information on the process to register and request accommodations.

Introduction to Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Berklee will take appropriate disciplinary action for any conduct that violates the Student Code of Community Standards, whether such conduct occurs on or off campus (in Boston, Massachusetts, or in Valencia, Spain) or online.

Being a Berklee student is a privilege. With that privilege comes the expectation that students will uphold the standards and values set forth by the institution, and will conduct themselves as individuals who contribute positively to the Berklee community. All students will be treated fairly in the student conduct process, whether they are the alleged student, complainant, victim, or witness.

Pre-arrival action items - Study Abroad students - Spring 2022

All Study Abroad students need to submit the following documentation to prior to accessing our campus

Study Abroad students also need to complete the following forms by December 15, 2021.

Review COVID-19 travel requirements

  • Before traveling to Spain, you must get a QR code from The form to request the code can be started now, but it can't be completed until 48 hours before your flight. You will need to show the QR code before boarding the airplane and upon arrival in Spain. In case you need to do a layover or a transfer in other countries, please check the travel requirements with your airline.  

Introduction to the International Career Center for Study Abroad students:

  • The International Career Center provides expert guidance, cutting-edge resources, and professional development experiences to help our diverse body of students achieve their career goals. Watch the video below to learn more about the ICC and their services to undergraduate students.

Detailed Study Abroad Student Orientation and Check In schedules will be available by December 1.

Orientation Schedules

Undergraduate Program - Spring 2022 Study Abroad - SA

December 13: Please find below the complete Orientation schedule which includes the zoom links to connect to all remote sessions as well as detailed descriptions of each of the sessions. Please carefully look for your individual check in and PCR individual assigned slot, and the sign up form for Saturday’s fun activity!

We want to highlight the Family Welcome on Wednesday January 12 (4.30pm CET time) where family and loved ones are welcome to join the academic and executive leadership of the campus in an interactive conversation about all aspects of supporting students through their Berklee in Valencia experience from home.

Download Orientation Schedule