Health and Wellness

Berklee Valencia students are automatically enrolled in MAPFRE's health insurance coverage program, which provides access to medical care for the duration of your stay in Valencia. In order to help students navigate insurance coverage, Berklee Valencia offers a free medical assistance coordination service (Upromedes), which connects students to the appropriate English-speaking medical provider (when possible), and can provide timely first and follow-up appointments. Out-of-hours and emergency medical support is also available 24/7 via our dedicated Berklee Valencia health and wellness number.

Berklee Valencia students are also automatically enrolled in Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and administered by Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk ( as this is a requirement by Massachusetts law. All Valencia students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the Berklee SHIP but may waive (decline) participation in Berklee's SHIP by demonstrating they are enrolled in a health insurance plan that meets the requirements of their program.

Berklee Valencia is committed to the mental health and well-being of all students and we offer comprehensive free-of-charge mental health support services, including on-campus drop-in counseling sessions, ongoing counseling via CEDIN Salud (our partner counseling provider), and an on-call counseling service available 24/7 for emergency and off-hours support via our dedicated Berklee Valencia health and wellness number.

In this section we offer more detailed information on each of our services, as well other resources relevant to your stay in Valencia.

Frequently Asked Questions: Health and Wellness Support