Post Master's Program

Berklee Valencia master’s students are eligible to apply for a program that allows them to remain on campus for up to one year in order to further develop their culminating experience project or to work on a new project that has stemmed from their master’s work. Students in this program have access to facilities, can perform in concerts, and can take courses. In addition, students are assigned a faculty mentor who guides them through the semester. Students must start the program in the fall semester following their initial enrollment, and can remain on campus for three consecutive semesters (fall, spring, and summer).

Students participating in this program:

  • have access to campus facilities, including practice rooms and studios (post-master’s students will have the same booking rights as incoming students);
  • can perform in select Berklee Valencia–sponsored concerts;
  • can attend the Berklee Global Career Summit, space allowing, and if enrolled in the fall and spring semesters;
  • have access to campus services, such as the library, guest speaker–events that are open to the full campus, and SADI and ICC events, space allowing; and
  • can take undergraduate and graduate classes for credit, space permitting, and with the approval of the Program Director or Chair, for an additional fee (post-master’s students can enroll in classes during add/drop week).

Participating students will be enrolled in a full-time directed study, and will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Tuition Fee

The program fee is $9,700 and is billed on a per-semester basis ($3,900 for the fall and spring, respectively, and $1,900 for the summer). This includes access to facilities and services (as listed above), a faculty mentor, health insurance, and access to the medical team and counseling services. Students who want to take undergraduate or graduate classes will be billed for these classes at Berklee’s per-credit hour rate for undergraduate and graduate credits. Financial aid, including U.S. federal aid, is not available for this program.


In order to be eligible for this program, students must have:

  • successfully completed all the graduation requirements related to their master’s degree prior to starting the post-master’s program; and
  • completed their master’s degree in good academic and social standing.
  • In order to be accepted into this program, as of May 19, applicants may not have a balance in their student account

Application Process

  • The deadline for applications is May 2
  • Students must submit a proposal (two pages maximum) that outlines the projects on which they want to work, including a timeline for completion of each component. Applications will be considered based on the quality of the project, the student’s performance during their master’s program, and the recommendation of their program director.
  • Students will be given an answer by May 20
  • Application form


Students are responsible for securing the extension of their student visas for this program. Documentation around this process will be provided, but legal and other assistance will not. If possible, Berklee Valencia will organize a group appointment with the Comisaria de Policia for students to renew their TIEs once their student visa extension has been approved. If you are required to have a visa to study in Spain, you will not be allowed to check in until you can provide proof that you have obtained that visa.

Please Keep the Following in Mind

Admission to the program is not guaranteed.

  • Students who participate in this program are not eligible to participate in Berklee’s post-master’s graduate fall internship program.
  • Students who participate in this program will not be able to apply for a Job Search Visa.
  • Students will be expected to comply with all Berklee policies and regulations as stated in the Policy Handbook for Students, the Code of Community Standards, and the Equity Policy.
  • Students who fail the directed study or who fail to comply with all aforementioned policies will not be able to continue in the program for the following semester.
  • Participation in this program does not guarantee performance opportunities in Berklee Valencia–sponsored events.
  • Students are required to attend all orientation sessions.