Students come to Berklee because they are passionate about music and creativity—and because they seek expert guidance to help them realize their dreams of becoming artists and innovators of tomorrow. Students admitted in the First-Year Abroad program will begin their journey on Berklee’s state-of-the-art campus in the vibrant, culturally rich Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain.


In Valencia, students will have the opportunity to begin their Berklee experience in a more intimate setting, one that places a strong emphasis on the global music industry and international career paths. Students will complete the same core curriculum taken by entering students on the Boston campus, while also enjoying an immersive cultural experience in one of the most important musical regions of Spain.

During the end of their first semester, students will work with an advisor to declare a major. Upon completion of their first-year studies in Valencia, students will transfer to the Boston campus to continue in their declared major for their degree or diploma and enjoy access to all available academic opportunities, such as minor programs of study or double majors.

Program Highlights

FYA student playing at Un lago de Conciertos

Mediterranean Culture and Music

Music is essential to the history and people of Valencia, where students are exposed to a wide spectrum of cultures and audiences, and to a vibrant gigging community. Students are in a prime location to visit other parts of Europe; as part of the program, they will have the option to travel to Granada in southern Spain.

First Year Abroad Students

Strong Educational Foundation

Whether they choose the Valencia or Boston campus for their first year, all entering students take the same core curriculum to build a strong musical foundation at Berklee. Courses are composed of arranging, ear training, harmony, tonal harmony and counterpoint, and music technology.

Student body of Berklee Valencia

Intimate Campus Setting

The Valencia campus has an approximate student body of 260 and the entire campus is self-contained in one building, with shared performance spaces in the City of Arts and Sciences complex. This provides an intimate setting for first-year students to get to know their classmates, faculty, and staff in meaningful ways.

Program Details