Student Services


From acceptance to graduation to the launch of one’s career in music, students have many needs and questions along the way. Berklee College of Music meets those needs and answers those questions with a system of student services that simultaneously empowers students to take responsibility for their own education while also providing a level of support that helps to ensure that students’ experience at the world’s leading college for contemporary music is of the highest quality.

The Student Affairs team in Valencia seeks to provide students with the services and support systems needed to ensure their well-being and ultimately their success. Furthermore, we seek to enrich the student experience by cultivating active leaders, community builders and global citizens through a wealth of extracurricular opportunities for growth and development.

In this section you will find all relevant information regarding Student Services and Policies applicable to all Berklee students, as well as more specific and relevant information for students on the Valencia campus, regardless of whether you are enrolled for two weeks, a semester, a year or even longer.



Graduate Students
Graduate students will register for their semester classes through regular meetings with their faculty advisers. Students with outstanding financial obligations must make prior arrangements with the Office of the Bursar in order to register.

The college may make changes to a student’s registration schedule in situations including but not limited to the following: (1) if a course is canceled, or (2) if the student becomes ineligible to enroll in a course due to failing a requisite course.

See the Graduate Bulletin for more information regarding course registration.

Undergraduate Students
Students participating in the Berklee Study Abroad program during spring and fall semesters will register for classes with the help of the study abroad office. Contact

How to Request a Transcript

Berklee now offers an online transcript request service. Official electronic (eTranscripts) and paper transcripts can be ordered online through our transcript partner, Parchment, an authorized delivery agent specializing in secure transcript exchange.

When ordering online, your authenticating user name and password serves as your electronic authorization.

More Information on How to Request a Transcript

Contact the Registrar in Valencia

Contact for questions regarding registering for classes or policies.


Policies and Procedures

Collection Policy

Students will be required to agree during registration to pay tuition and fees at the beginning of every semester enrolled. If full payment has not been made or an approved payment plan not set up the student will be subject to the collection process.

What charges contribute to the balance on my account?

Besides the registration cost for a degree or diploma program, along with fees associated with registration, additional charges can result from additional courses taken, health insurance coverage, late payment and check-in fees, returned check and wire transfer fees, housing, pending aid/scholarships not received, and penalties from withdrawals.
How will I know if I have a balance on my account?

Students should check their online accounts periodically to ensure there have not been additional charges incurred. This can be done at under My Finances. After the initial billing for each semester, an email notification is sent to all students who incurred charges and still have a remaining balance halfway through the semester. A notification of this will also be mailed to the current address on the account.
What should I do if I do not understand why I have a balance or disagree with the charges?

After checking your account and identifying what is causing the balance you should contact that department to discuss the problem. Extra credit charges (Registrar’s Office), issues with financial aid (Financial Aid Office), Berklee scholarships (Scholarship Office), third party scholarships (organization granting the scholarship), library fines, etc. If you still need assistance to identify the charge, contact the Bursar’s Office.
Why is it important to take care of an unpaid balance?

Unpaid balances can result in not being able to register for future semesters. It will also prevent you from receiving your grades, diploma, and official transcripts. In addition, if a balance remains after the semester is over, you will be subject to the collection process.
What is the collection process?

The college will, at first, make three attempts to advise you of your unpaid balance and try to work with you to resolve the debt. These letters will be mailed to the student’s current address on file. If all attempts fail, the account will be turned over to one of the college’s outside collection agencies. Once the account is turned over to an outside agency, you will work with them to pay the debt and any additional fees they will charge. Their fees can range from 33 percent to 50 percent of the debt owed.
Will this have an impact on my credit history?

If you pay the charges through the agency, it will not impact your credit history. However, if the debt is not satisfied, Berklee College of Music reserves the right to report to credit bureaus.


The following information is for cases of overpayment, or in which a student needs a refund.

Refund Policy

If there is an overpayment on your account, we will process the refund as quickly as possible provided the funds have cleared. Because a final assessment of your account balance cannot be determined until your schedule is finalized at the end of add/drop, we cannot issue any refunds during the first two weeks of classes.

We will begin issuing refunds for a credit balance resulting from overpayment starting only after the third week of classes. It is therefore in your best interest to pay only the exact amount due on your account. In addition, we will only be able to process your refund if the credit balance is the result of actual (not anticipated) funds, and all checks have had 10 days to clear (foreign checks may require additional time). After the third week of classes, we will issue refunds one day per week for those students who have become eligible. You may confirm whether you qualify for a refund check by visiting and clicking “View My Statement” under the “Financial Information” section.

Depending on the circumstances of your overpayment, you should be aware of the following details affecting your refund:

We encourage all students to fill out direct deposit information by going to and clicking on “Direct Deposit Account” under “Financial Information.” For all students that do not elect the direct deposit option, checks will be mailed to the preferred address on file, whether it is a domestic or international address. Refunds will be issued beginning with the Friday after the third week of class.

  • If the payment causing a credit balance was made by check, the refund will be in the form of a check issued in the student’s name.
  • If the last payment on your student account was made by credit card, your refund will be issued back to the card used if the refund is processed within 90 days of the initial payment. After 90 days, please expect the refund in the form of a check issued in the student’s name.
  • If your statement includes estimated Federal PELL Grants, Federal SEOG, Federal Perkins Loans, or other Federal Direct Loans, and this results in a credit balance on your account, your refund cannot be processed until you formally check-in and sign the required documents in accordance with federal regulations, and the funds represented by these awards are obtained by the college from the federal government.
  • Refunds from Plus Loans will be issued to the initial borrower or student depending on what is stated on the Plus Loan application. At no time after the application is filled out can this be changed. If the Plus Loan application states that any overage should go to the borrower, a check will be issued to the borrower. If the Plus Loan application states any overage should go to the student, a check or direct deposit will be issued to the student. Please note we do not have the ability for Plus Loan borrowers to receive direct deposit refunds at this time.
  • If you are receiving a private loan or financial aid from any state, local, or private agency, any resulting refund will be made only after the college receives the funds. Theses refunds will not be released any earlier then the third week of classes regardless of whether funds are received before this date. It is important to remember that students should plan to arrive on campus with sufficient funds to cover indirect costs such as off-campus housing, books, supplies, etc.
  • Please realize that the first money received by the college is the money that is applied toward your tuition and fees. Therefore, if you have taken out a loan for living expenses and it arrives at the college before other financial aid funds are received, the loan will be applied to your tuition expenses. Overpayments or refunds only occur after your tuition and fees have been paid. All students enrolled in the Tuition Management System (TMS) will not be eligible for any refunds until the full amount of the budget is paid and a credit balance is created. This typically happens six to eight weeks into the semester.

Any student that does not receive a check due to an incorrect or foreign address will be required to wait at least two weeks (could be longer depending on the address state) before another check will be issued. Due to the volume of lost checks we highly recommend that students fill-out the direct deposit form or verify that the preferred address on file in the Registrar’s Office is correct.

Leave Credit on Account

If you would like to leave credit from your current semester to be applied toward a future semester instead of receiving a refund, you must fill out a form for each semester you do not wish to be refunded. You can find the form here, note that you must be logged in to see the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my statement

  1. Login with your Berklee account to

    If you experience trouble logging in, please contact Student Technology Services.
  2. Once you are in the "Students" section, please select "View Account and Make Payments" under "Financial Information."

    Once you click, a new window will open. Please make sure you have pop-ups enabled.
  3. Here is an example of a student's statement. You will see charges, payments, financial aid, and any deposits made, as well as the balance due, if any, on the account for a given semester.
  4. For a detailed breakdown of charges, payments, financial aid, and deposits, click "Expand All" as indicated above. This will provide you with the following view:

Why hasn't my scholarship been applied to my account

If it is a Berklee scholarship, please contact the Office of the Bursar in Valencia to verify the reason. If it is a scholarship from an outside organization, please gather any available paperwork detailing the award you are receiving and provide it to the Office of the Bursar in Valencia. Documents may be delivered in person or via email to
Where is my Federal Financial Aid/Private Loan/State Grant?

Please view "My Aid" under the "Financial Aid" section of (login required) or contact the Office of Financial Aid to find out the status of your financial aid package. If you see aid on your statement that is marked as "Currently Ineligible," this means it is pending and not being counted toward your account balance. You may be missing documents, or it may simply be processing. It is best to inquire with Financial Aid to find out the exact reason.
How do I require a Receipt?

For online payments, you will receive an automated email from our payment processor to whichever email address you provide. For all other payments, the fastest way to get a receipt is through (login required).

  1. The "View Statement" option will provide you with a downloadable receipt for the semester you are currently viewing.
  2. You can select a previous term from the drop down menu to view the charges, payments, and print a receipt if needed.

When are refunds sent?

The first refunds in our office are processed during the third week of classes in a given semester, after the add/drop period has ended for students. We process the refunds in our office on Wednesday and our bank sends out electronic refunds on that Friday. Paper checks are mailed by our bank from New York the following Monday. No refunds are available for pick up in our office.
How are refunds sent?

Most of the time, we will either send an electronic funds transfer directly to the student's bank account or mail out a paper check in the student's name. If the most recent payment is a credit card made within the past ninety (90) days and the student is not receiving scholarships or financial aid, the refund will go back to the payer's credit card.

To ensure you get your refund as quickly and easily as possible, we recommend signing up for direct deposit on (login required) using your U.S. bank account.

Please note: if the refund is due to a Parent PLUS loan, the parent borrower decides who will receive any refund at the point of application. If the parent borrower elects to receive the refund personally, we will mail a paper check to whichever address was originally provided in the borrower's name.

How to I sign up for direct deposit?

Please follow these steps. You must sign up for direct deposit by 5:00 p.m. EDT Tuesday of any given week in order for the refund to go out direct deposit.

When you sign up for direct deposit, make sure you are using the paper/electronic routing number and the correct account number.

Direct Deposit Sign-Up:

  1. Login to If you experience trouble logging in, please contact Student Technology Services.
  2. Once you are in the "Students" section, please select "Direct Deposit Account Information for Student Refunds" under "Financial Information".
  3. Enter your U.S. banking information on this form. Failure to enter your correct routing and checking account number will delay your receipt of your refund. Berklee does not validate whether or not your information is correct.

    Please do not change the effective date.
  4. Read the terms and conditions for direct deposit, then select the check box next to "I Agree" and hit submit. You will then receive a confirmation to your Berklee email when you have successfully submitted the form.
  5. Once you have entered your information, you will see your routing number and the last four digits of your account at the top of the "Direct Deposit Account Information for Student Refunds" page going forward. If you need to change your direct deposit information, you must first delete whatever existing information is there.

Where will my check be mailed?

All paper checks to students will go to the preferred mailing address on file. This may not be the same as your local address, which you verify at the start of each semester. You can see what mailing address we have on file by viewing your statement on (login required).

To update your preferred mailing address, please email the Office of the Registrar at from your Berklee email address.

If the paper check is due to a Parent PLUS loan going back to the parent borrower, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 617-747-2274 to verify the correct address is on file.

Can my Refund go towards next semester?

If your refund is due to overpayment, private or institutional scholarships, or private loans, simply fill out the Leave Credit on Account Form (login required) for each semester you wish to have your credit moved. You must do this each time you want to have credit applied to a future semester. This form is only available to students who are logged into

Please be aware that credit due to federal financial aid (Stafford Loans, Pell/SEOG grants, or Parent PLUS loans) must remain in the same academic year (example: 2015 Fall Semester to 2016 Spring Semester). PLUS loans going back to the parent borrower must be refunded.

I need a tax document. How do I go about obtaining it?

The most common requests we receive relate to the United States and Canada tax forms. For all other countries, please provide the necessary form from your government. If you need a receipt for a current or previous semester, you may access this on (login required) by selecting "View Statement" under "View Account and Make Payments."

The Office of the Bursar cannot provide you with tax advice. Please consult a tax professional for any questions you may have.

1098-T (United States)
Berklee partners with ECSI for all 1098-T reporting. This tax form shows the amounts charged for tuition and fees as reported by the Office of the Bursar. 1098-T forms will be mailed each year by January 31st in addition to being made available on the ECSI website. Please note if you do not have a domestic address, you will not receive a hard copy form.

ECSI Login Information
Log on to:
School Code: D8
Account Number: This will be either your social security number or you will have to relay that you do not have a social security number and need the web generated ID.
PIN/Password: Assigned by ECSI*

*If you have any further questions, please consult the ESCI Informational Page or call the ECSI 1098-T Hotline at 1-866-428-1098.

TL-11A and other Canadian Forms (e.g. OSAP)
Currently, Berklee does not mail out tax forms for Canadian students for either their federal or provincial taxes. Please contact the Office of the Registrar and provide them with your necessary form. They will complete the necessary portions concerning certification of enrollment after which our office will complete the necessary financial information.

Please contact the Bursar's Office at with any questions you may have.


Undergraduate Students

Students in the Berklee Study Abroad and First Year Abroad programs are required to stay in housing arranged by Berklee. Visit the links below for more information on housing for these programs.

Graduate and Summer Students

Students in Graduate Programs, Summer Study Abroad, Boston Conservatory Opera Intensive, and our Summer Performance Program must arrange their own housing, with options ranging from finding an apartment to staying at a nearby private student residence hall.

The Valencia campus does not offer student housing directly, but there are many options available for students to choose from. Students can rent a room in a private apartment or rent an entire apartment and arrange to share with classmates. There are also several student residences near campus where students can stay in individual or double rooms, with or without meal plans.

Berklee does not provide any professional legal and/or real estate advice and is therefore not liable for the services carried out by any of these external agencies.

Housing Options

Long Term Housing

Student Residence Halls

Valencia is home to several universities, with a selection of privately run student residences (dorms) rising to suit student needs. Students can choose to stay in a single or double room, with a wide range of amenities to choose from, including several meal plan options.

The following student residences are all located about the same distance from the Berklee in Valencia campus:

Rent an Apartment

Apartments in Valencia can be rented furnished or unfurnished, and range in price and quality from run-down to luxurious. Many rooms and apartments are available on the market, and students should exercise prudence when renting private rooms or apartments, especially when it comes to wire transfers of money. Keep in mind that most apartment owners and agencies speak Spanish, with limited English.

Once you find a room or apartment that you like, you should ask if there is a rental contract you can see. You should ask what the terms and conditions are for deposits, length of stay, and other terms. A good question to ask is whether the “gastos de comunidad” (building maintenance fee) is included in the cost of rent, or if electricity and water are included (usually, they are not).

There are multiple websites and agencies that can help with your apartment or room search, including the following sites:

  • Uniplaces:
    Search tool for student accommodation, use the exclusive promocode "BERKLEE" for a 50% discount on Uniplaces fee. Contact for more information.
  • Beroomers:
    A global accommodation platform for students. Use the promocode BERKLEE15 to save 50% on the service fee. Contact for more information.
  • Aluni:
    Shared flats for students. Ask Aluni about the special offer for Berklee at
  • Fotocasa:
    Real estate portal specialized in flats for rent.
  • Idealista:
    Real estate portal specialized in flats and rooms for rent.
  • Perfect Spain:
    Small personal Real Estate firm based in Valencia which offers housing for short, medium and long term periods.
  • Escorpión Inmobiliaria:
    Contact Pablo Contreras at and/or +34 629 387 625
  • c.p.i. gestion

Short Term Housing

Student Residence Halls

There are privately run student residences which offer temporary housing at very affordable rates to both Berklee summer course students and graduate students arriving in the week/s before orientation to find an apartment and get settled in before classes begin.
This is a good option for students who want a place to stay for a short period of time while they look for a long-term housing solution or during summer courses. Contact directly the residence hall you are interested in for more information.

Rent an Apartment

An option for summer course students is to rent a short to medium-term apartment. Here are a few places to start looking:

Relocation Services

Relocation services are available to students wishing to receive extra assistance during their move to Valencia. CSS consulting can help students with searching for accommodation, reviewing rental agreements, city tours, airport pick ups, and more.


A hotel may be a desirable option for a quick visit. Here are a few hotels in the center of Valencia or near campus. For short stays, you can also check some of the short-stay apartment options in the links found under “Short to Medium-Term Apartments.”

Living in Valencia

Valencia is a large city, and you can choose to live near the beach, near campus, in the center, or in one of several up-and-coming neighborhoods. You should consider how far you want to live from campus, and also if you want to walk, ride a bike or take public transportation. The public transportation system in Valencia is well developed, with various subway lines and an extensive bus system. Read below for an overview of the housing options in Valencia.

Neighborhoods Near Campus

While basically anywhere in Valencia can be a good choice to live, living somewhere inside the orange box (see image below) is near campus and relatively easy to reach by bus, bike or foot. This is just a general idea of where to do your housing search. The popular neighborhoods and areas closest to campus are highlighted with a dotted orange line.

Some websites allow you to search for apartments by district. The two sub-districts closest to campus are:

  • District Quatre Carreres, sub-district Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciencies
  • District Camins al Grau, sub-district Penya-Roja

Note that these two districts have higher than average rent compared to other areas of Valencia, due to their prime location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which neighborhood should I live in?

There are many beautiful neighborhoods in Valencia in which to live. However, as a Berklee student, it is very likely you’ll want to live as close to the campus as possible so you can make the most out of the campus facilities and resources. These are the nearby recommended areas that we encourage you to explore in your search for accommodations:

  • Ruzafa, 23 minutes walking / 10 minutes biking
  • L’Example, 15 minutes walking / 7 minutes biking
  • Cuatre Carreres, 12 minutes walking / 6 minutes biking
  • Penya Roja, 11 minutes walking / 5 minutes biking
  • La Alameda-Avenida de Francia, 15 minutes walking / 6 minutes biking
  • El Carmen, 50 minutes walking / 15 minutes biking (old town district)

How should I go about finding an apartment?

To find an apartment you can contact one of the recommended websites or agents in the above section "Rent an Apartment (Long-Term)", or you can get in touch with our former students who are renting directly from private owners. Berklee does not endorse any of these alternatives, but we can help you connect with former students to get the contact information of apartment owners.

Please contact to learn how you can get in touch with former students.

How early should I plan to start looking for an apartment? How soon should I arrive in Valencia before the start of my program?

We recommend you arrive in Valencia at least a couple of weeks before orientation week so you can get familiar with the neighborhoods and make informed decisions about where you would like to live. We encourage our students to stay at a short-term apartment/residence while they search for long-term apartments, and highly recommend all our students see the place before signing a rental agreement.
What should I take into consideration when signing a lease with a landlord/ agent?

  1. Make sure that your rental agreement is translated into English before signing and committing to it. If the landlord or real estate agent cannot provide this, then we recommend finding an agency to translate it.
  2. You should consider what the breaking clauses are before committing to a year-long contract. Sometimes, students change their mind halfway through the year about where to live and with whom. So before committing to a contract, you want to make sure you understand the repercussions of having to break it before it ends. Furthermore, ask your landlord/agent what would happen if one of the tenants wants to move out and the others want to stay: what would be the consequences? Make sure that all tenants understand this before you sign an agreement together.
  3. Make sure you communicate well with your future flatmates. You want to make sure you know the person/s you will share your apartment with for the whole year before committing to an agreement with them.
  4. Deposits: Real estate agents and websites usually ask for one month’s rent and one month’s deposit in order to secure your apartment. This is normal procedure. The month’s rent works as a commission (and is non-refundable) and the deposit will only be refundable in its entirety once you return your keys and the landlord/agent checks that the apartment is in the same condition as when you entered. Do not agree to pay any more than two months’ rent to secure an apartment.

How much should I expect to pay for utilities? Are they usually included in the rent?

Depending on the agreement you sign with the landlord/agent, utility bills (electricity, water, gas) may or may not be included in your rent. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your rental agreement before signing, and note that bills might be up to 70–90 euros per person per month (the total cost might also be subject to the number of people living in the apartment). Also, note that heating/air-conditioning is expensive. Do make sure you switch off your devices when leaving the apartment or your bills might shoot up!

WiFi connectivity might be charged separately from utility bills, and should cost you around 50€ per month. There are many internet providers you can try: Movistar, Ono and Orange are some of the ones recommended by Berklee students. We highly encourage you visit the Phone House at either El Saler or Aqua mall (both within a 10-minute walk from the campus), as they will be able to recommend the best provider for you depending on your needs.

What is the average rent I should expect to pay?

Renting a two- or three-bedroom apartment nearby campus or in one of the areas recommended averages 400€ to 1,200€ per month (approximately, not including utilities). Usually, students prefer to share an apartment with other Berklee students rather than renting a room with non-Berklee people, but there are a number of agents offering either option. Renting as a group (two or three people) is normally cheaper than one-bedroom apartments.
What is the public transportation system like in Valencia?

The EMT service is the public bus system in Valencia. Night buses do not run as regularly as day buses do and not all routes are offered during night shifts, so to get around the city by night we recommend our students do so by either taxis (6€ minimum evening fare) or using Valenbisi, the public bike system which you will have access to for less than 30€ a year.

The tram and metro services are provided by Metrovalencia, but they do not run in the evenings.

Need Housing Help?

If you need any advice on housing, write us an email at

Berklee does not provide any professional legal and/or real estate advice and is therefore not liable for the services carried out by any of these external agencies.

Health, Wellness and Support Services

The health and safety of our students is a top priority at Berklee. There are many resources available to help answer questions and connect students with people who can assist them in getting the help they need.

Emergency / Urgent Situations

During Business Hours
The opening hours of the Student Affairs Office at the Valencia campus are from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday, and we will assist students who may need immediate attention. Students who are in crisis or having a mental health emergency should call Berklee’s medical team on +34 618 001 661 or stop by the Student Affairs office and let us know that they need to see or speak to a counselor immediately or on the same day.

Staff, faculty, family members, and students who are concerned about a student’s wellbeing may also request an urgent care consultation with a specialist in Valencia. Please call +34 618 001 661 or email to speak with a member of Berklee’s medical team who will respond promptly.
After Business Hours
If there is a mental health emergency after business hours, on the weekend, and on holidays, members of the Berklee community should call Berklee’s medical assistance team on +34 618 001 661 who will be able to assist. Berklee in Valencia community members may also call 112 or go to Hospital Casa de la Salud for assistance.

A member of the Student Affairs Office at the Valencia campus is also on call after business hours for students who may need immediate attention. Please call +34 626 263 326 for assistance.

Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled in a program at Berklee’s campus in Valencia, regardless of if it is a graduate, undergraduate, or summer program, are automatically enrolled in MAPFRE's health insurance coverage program, specifically designed for Berklee students. Once you are accepted, you will receive more information about the extensive coverage in the Student Handbook. The Student Affairs Office will also require you to provide emergency contact information as you prepare for your stay in Valencia, and will ask you to keep this information up to date throughout the duration of your enrollment at the Valencia Campus.

We believe it is important to acknowledge that the care or reimbursements resulting from the risks listed below (among others listed in Article 10 of the General Conditions) are excluded from MAPFRE´s policy coverage:

  • Healthcare assistance and/or medical expenses arising from the consequences of the insured party’s participation in racing or betting, and those produced by practicing any sport as a professional or amateur in air sports, scuba diving with artificial lungs, boxing, climbing, motor vehicle racing (including training), caving, bullfighting, enclosing of bulls, and any other activity of similar risk.
  • Healthcare assistance and/or medical expenses arising from the direct participation of the insured party in criminal acts, riots, brawls, or fighting, unless acting in legitimate self-defense.

NOTE: Berklee Study Abroad students should refer to Berklee Study Abroad: Once Accepted for specific information on Health and Travel Insurance related to their program.

If you have any questions about MAPFRE´s health insurance please contact

Berklee Medical Assistance Program

Berklee has joined forces with a team of local medical professionals to create the Berklee Medical Assistance Program designed to facilitate your experience in Valencia when in need of a doctor or medical specialist.

The Berklee Medical Assistance Team will provide you with any required medical service, any time of the day. This service has been specifically prepared for you as a student on the Valencia campus, and the staff will be able to assist you in English as well as in Spanish. You will receive more information during orientation about how to use this service.

Below is the medical facility nearest to campus. It is always recommended that you contact the Berklee Medical Assistance Team prior to walking in.

Full-Service Hospital (for illness or emergencies)

  • Hospital Casa de la Salud
    Address: C/ Dr Manuel Candela, 41
    46021 Valencia
    Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hospital Casa de la Salud is a multi-specialty hospital offering a wide range of medical and surgical services conveniently located within 15 minutes from the Valencia campus. Hospital Casa de la Salud also offers urgent care for sudden illnesses "after hours," evenings, and weekends.

Counseling Services

All students on the Valencia campus have free and confidential access to a professionally trained and licensed clinician while officially enrolled. Our counselor, Dr. María Zarza can provide short-term counseling or refer you to other doctors as required, giving you an opportunity to receive help with depression and anxiety, stress management, relationship and family concerns, sexual assault or harassment, substance abuse, wellness, crisis intervention, and any other concern impacting your mental health. Students might have unlimited access to this service while enrolled in the Valencia campus and as prescribed by our counselor.

Students might have unlimited access to this service while enrolled in the Valencia campus and as prescribed by our counselor. To book an appointment with Dr Maria Zarza please email:

Disability Services

Accessibility Statement
Berklee College of Music values diversity and inclusion; we are committed to providing accessibility in a climate of mutual respect and full participation.

If you would like to request accommodations due to a disability, please contact the office of Disability Services:

Visit the Disability Services website for information about documentation requirements, accommodations and services provided.

Frequently Asked Questions: Health and Support

Q: How do I enroll in health insurance?

All students enrolled at Berklee College of Music´s Valencia Campus are required to register within Berklee´s Student Health Insurance Plan provided by MAPFRE for their academic year:

Regardless of whether you are studying abroad in Valencia for one semester, or are enrolled in one of our Graduate Programs, you´ll be automatically registered within Berklee´s Student Health Insurance Plan for the duration of your program.

Furthermore, every Berklee student enrolled at the Valencia Campus has access to Berklee´s Medical Assistance Team. This team will connect you to your required medical service, any time of the day. This service has specifically been prepared for you as students of Berklee´s Valencia Campus and therefore our staff will be able to assist you in English as well as in Spanish.

You should call Berklee´s Medical Assistance Team to book a doctor´s appointment and when seeking urgent care.

Q: Who do I call if I have questions about the student health insurance plan?

For questions about what's covered under your health insurance plan or any enrollment concerns, please email:

For any other questions regarding your student health insurance plan or Berklee´s Medical Assistance Team please email: or

Q: When will I get my health insurance ID card?

Providing you submit all personal information on time prior to your arrival to Valencia (passport information), you should receive your MAPFRE health insurance ID card during Orientation.

Please email us at: with any questions regarding the status of your MAPFRE ID card or to request a replacement.

Q: How can I get my prescriptions if I don't get my card until after the start of the semester?

If you need to see a doctor or fill a prescription before you receive your ID card, please email

Please note that prescribed medications will not be covered by your health insurance plan.

Q: What are the costs of copayments for doctor visits, if any?

To know what medical specialties are covered by your health insurance plan please refer to:

Some specialized treatments such as physiotherapy and non-urgent dental care are not covered by your health insurance plan, and therefore you will be responsible for the total costs of these appointments. Please make sure you talk to Berklee´s Medical Assistance Team ahead of making any doctors ‘appointments so they can confirm these details for you.

Q: Where are the nearest health care facilities?

These are the two facilities nearest campus. It is always recommended that you contact the Berklee Medical Assistance Team prior to walking in.

Medical Walk-in Clinic (for non-emergency illness)
Centro Médico Mapfre Salud
Plaça de la Legió Espanyola, 13
46010 Valencia
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Full-Service Hospital (for illness or emergencies)
Hospital Casa de la Salud
C/ Dr Manuel Candela, 41
46021 Valencia
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hospital Casa de la Salud is multi-specialty hospital offering a wide range of medical and surgical specialties and conveniently located within 15 minutes from the Valencia Campus. Hospital Casa de la Salud also offers urgent care for sudden illnesses "after hours" and during evenings and weekends.

Q: Where are the nearest pharmacies?

Pharmacies (farmacias) are located in every neighborhood in Valencia. They’re generally open from Monday to Friday from 9.30AM to 2:00PM and 5.00PM to 9.30PM, and Saturday 9.30AM to 2.00PM. Information about pharmacies open 24 hours a day (Farmacia de guardia) can normally be found on the window or doors of any pharmacy. You can also find pharmacy services on this link:
Q: What do I do if I get a bill in the mail stating I owe money for a recent medical service?

As long as the medical specialty you are requesting is covered by your health insurance plan, MAPFRE should take care of any bills as soon as you show your MAPFRE ID card to the medical service provider. However, should you receive a bill or need to be reimbursed for services, please email, attaching your proof of payment if seeking reimbursement. Make sure your state your name, health insurance ID number, and school name.
Q: Is there dental coverage?

No, but students enrolled in Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan have access to a Dental insurance program, a discount program available to students. For more information please email:
Q: How long will the student health insurance cover me?

You will be covered under MAPFRE´s student health insurance plan so long as you are enrolled at the Valencia campus. If you are a graduate student, you will be covered until the end of July.
Q: Can I continue coverage after the policy terminates?

Yes. To continue coverage on a direct-pay basis after your policy terminates please email
Q: Will the student health insurance cover me if I decide to travel for personal reasons?

Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan will cover you as long as you are in Spain. If you are planning to travel around Europe or beyond for non-academic reasons, you should plan to purchase additional travel insurance. Once you leave Spain, you should make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance coverage which provides at least Emergency evacuation services as well as medical insurance in the event of an accident.

We recommend purchasing via Seven Corners. Save the website information and any instructions provided as reference in case you need to access services. Trip Cancellation Insurance and Personal Property Coverage are also available for purchase on this site.

You can also contact for other alternatives on travel insurance coverage.

Q: Can I add my spouse and/or child to the student health insurance plan?

Insured students may also enroll their spouse and/or children who reside with the student. Dependent coverage must be purchased for the same time period as the student's period of coverage and cannot exceed coverage purchased by the student. For example, a student enrolled for annual coverage cannot purchase independent coverage for the spring semester.

Students may enroll their eligible dependents for an additional premium by emailing For information on additional premium costs (above the student premium) and coverage dates, contact

Q: How do I contact Berklee´s Counselor?

Currently enrolled students can set up an intake appointment with Dr. Maria Zarza, Berklee College of Music Valencia Campus Counselor, by emailing her directly at At the intake appointment, Dr. Zarza will assess needs and discuss all treatment options. Depending on need and availability, the student will be referred for either individual counseling (up to once a week throughout the student’s enrollment at the Valencia Campus) or for longer-term counseling with a licensed therapist in the community.

Please note Berklee´s Counselor respects confidentiality. Spanish and US laws and ethical guidelines for therapists require that student visits and all information shared during therapy sessions remain confidential. Counselors cannot release information to anyone without a student's written permission. This includes friends, instructors, and parents. Records of therapy sessions are kept in a secure electronic medical record. Exceptions to confidentiality occur only under special circumstances such as being in imminent danger to self or others. A counselor will review these exceptions in detail at the intake appointment. To make an appointment, please email,

Consultation service is available to Berklee students, faculty, staff, and family members who are concerned about a Berklee student's mental health. Please connect with Dr Maria Zarza, Berklee´s Medical Assistance Team or the Student Affairs team to let us know how urgent your situation is so we can respond promptly.

Support Groups
Dr. Maria Zarza also organizes support activities via Bionexum Health Clinic that emphasize students’ social interaction to facilitate the creation of natural, multicultural networks to help them deal with stress, solve daily problems, and receive emotional support when they need it most. Activities are mainly sponsored by different universities with the cheapest possible prices and therefore are highly affordable for students. Some activities are also completely free of charge since they are performed by volunteer students or sponsored by Bionexum Health. Activities include hiking trips, meditation, mindfulness, training on Emotional Management, LGBT gatherings, etc.

Q: How do I get help in the event of an emergency?

You should call 112 from any phone to reach the police department, fire department, or ambulance in a life-threatening emergency situation.

To speak to Berklee´s Public safety department please call:
Valencia Campus: (+34) 96 333 2802 (during Campus Opening Hours)
Boston Campus: (+1) 617 747 2333 (at all times)

Student Activities

The Valencia campus offers music education with a global mindset in addition to unique opportunities to engage in music and co-curricular activities that enrich students’ international experience. While music remains the primary focus, it is far from the only important, rich experience available to students. From student-run initiatives to recurring day trips, our campus offers a wealth of opportunities to discover Valencia and its surroundings and encourages all our students to get involved with the local community through socio-cultural programs designed to enhance their personal and professional journeys.

We invite you to explore the ways in which you can create, contribute, and take the reins of your Berklee experience while making the most of your time in Valencia. You will soon discover that, at Berklee, you can truly discover and be who you are.

Student Clubs

Student clubs enrich the student experience, create a diverse and vibrant community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable life and professional skills. Open to all Berklee students, student clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Any student can start or continue a club, provided they follow the indications provided by the Student Affairs office.

Diversity Grants

Diversity and Inclusion Grants have been designed to help and support students with ideas for events, projects, programs, and initiatives that reflect and promote diversity, equity and inclusion for the Berklee community.

Through these grants, the Office of Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion at the Valencia campus provides financial, logistical and advising for student dreams to become a reality. Core themes to focus on when applying for a grant should include access and equity, community engagement, community learning and development, and expanding outlooks.

Click here to see some examples.

Student Advisory Board

Berklee's Student Advisory Board (SAB) is formed by representatives of all academic programs and each year they strive to improve the quality of student life academically, socially and artistically by addressing the needs and concerns of the student body in Valencia. SAB’s main purpose is to serve as the voice of the students at the Valencia campus in decisions regarding student interests and concerns, promoting student awareness and involvement in many initiatives, and opportunities within the Berklee community, and enhancing communication and cooperation.

Student Trips

We realize that the undergraduate student experience is enriched by the opportunity of learning about Spain’s multicultural history, traditions and regions. For this purpose, we organize a number of weekend and day trips geared towards helping students gain an intercultural perspective that comprises an awareness and an appreciation of the different ways of being through their exposure to diverse peoples, cultures and lifestyles.

Student Policies

In general, the Valencia campus follows the same set of policies set for the campus in Boston. Here you will find information about the policies that affect all Berklee students, with links to read the full policy information on

Student Policies for All Berklee Students

Equity and Title IX

Dear Berklee Community,

Berklee College of Music is a diverse community composed of individuals with different life experiences, viewpoints, belief systems, and identities. A welcoming and inclusive culture is essential to maintaining the college’s role as a leader in music education and Berklee highly values the dynamic environment that results when students, faculty, administrators, and staff from diverse backgrounds come together to learn, live, and work. The college’s Equity Policy and Process and the Student Code of Community Standards prohibit discrimination and harassment.

Specifically, the Equity Policy and Process prohibits and addresses sexual misconduct, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and discrimination and/or harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, transgendered status, national origin, age, disability, military or veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status, pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by law (collectively referred to as “protected characteristics”).

This prohibition includes all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and relationship violence, which are also prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972:

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."

Berklee is committed not only to compliance with this and other federal mandates, but also to promoting a culture that is in line with the values our civil rights laws envision. The Equity Policy and Process was designed to further Berklee’s goal of inclusion, respect, and equality for all community members, and affirms Berklee’s commitment to promote fairness and equity in all aspects of the institution.

It is important that all members of our community know where to turn if they have a concern, need assistance or support, or would like to file a complaint. I hope this information is a helpful compilation that assists students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Berklee College of Music community.


Christopher M. Kandus-Fisher
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Chief Equity Officer


More Information on Berklee's Equity and Title IX Policy

Code of Community Standards

Berklee College of Music endeavors to provide a living and learning environment in which students can meet their creative, artistic, and personal goals. The college determines, publishes, and makes known its rules and regulations concerning student and organizational conduct in this Student Code of Community Standards, as well as department- and program-specific policies, and strives to provide students with a clear understanding of all academic requirements and policies. These regulations should be read broadly and are not designed to define prohibited conduct in exhaustive terms. The Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students is designated by the college president to be responsible for the administration of the Student Code of Community Standards.

By enrolling in Berklee College of Music, students accept the responsibility to become fully acquainted with the college’s regulations, to comply with the college’s policies and authority, to respect the rights and property of others, and to recognize that student actions reflect upon the students involved as well as upon the entire college community. Unfamiliarity with college policies will not exempt students from the conduct process. Officially recognized student organizations are also expected to adhere to the Student Code of Community Standards. The college will take appropriate disciplinary action for any conduct that violates the Student Code of Community Standards, whether such conduct occurs on- or off-campus (in Boston or Valencia) or online. This may include disciplinary action up to and including expulsion and parental notification. Sanctions are also grounded in education and encourage students to reflect on the impact of their actions. In addition, sanctions will reflect the seriousness of the behavior for which the student will be held accountable. Being a Berklee student is a privilege, and with that privilege comes the expectation that students will uphold the standards and values set forth by the college and will conduct themselves as individuals who contribute positively to the college community. All students will be treated fairly in the student conduct process, whether they are the alleged student, complainant, victim, or witness.

More Information on Berklee's Code of Community Standards

Policy Handbook for Students

Whether this is your first semester, last semester, or something in between, the Policy Handbook for Students is an important document that provides you with key information regarding academics, enrollment, and student policies and procedures pertinent to your Berklee education.

More Information on Berklee's Policy Handbook for Students

Student Policies for Berklee Students in Valencia

Valencia Student Handbook

There are some unique characteristics about the Valencia campus, and the Valencia Student Handbook is your guide for everything campus-specific. The handbook is updated each year, and will be shared with you once your enrollment is confirmed in your program. These policies apply to all graduate and undergraduate students on the Valencia campus.

Here are some areas that are covered in the handbook:

  • Security on Campus
  • Campus Services
  • Student Life
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Student Policies
  • Security Off Campus
  • Living and Traveling Abroad
  • Health and Safety Recommendations
  • Consular Agencies and Embassies

Student Policies for All Berklee Graduate Students

Graduate Bulletin

The graduate bulletin outlines all the academic information relevant to Berklee's graduate programs.

More Information on the Graduate Bulletin