Academic Programs

Berklee's Valencia campus is the college’s first international campus, with a unique curriculum. With the campus in Valencia, the college offers a new way for musicians around the world to join the global music community—as performers, as practitioners, and as leaders.

With our innovative academic programs, Berklee is aiming for their students to:

  • Enroll in Berklee programs, including graduate degrees, summer programs, full-time college study, and professional education.
  • Network with current and future leaders in the music industry around the globe.
  • Grow your skills through exposure to other cultures, diverse audiences, and master musicians, and build careers with a global focus.
  • Develop new musical ideas through both the rich musical traditions of Mediterranean cultures and today’s innovative practices.

Discover our unique academic offer consisting of four master's degrees, the Study Abroad undergraduate program open only to students currently enrolled in a full-time course load at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Summer Programs.

Graduate Programs


Undergraduate Programs


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