For Employers

The International Career Center (ICC) at Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain offers a professional collaborative service to any music industry partner to place graduate program students within their company. The ICC acknowledges the unique needs of the music industry and will partner with you in your process of recruiting the most diverse and globally-minded students for jobs and internships, and booking artists for performances, events, studios sessions, and assistantships.

Hire Berklee Talent

Berklee graduate students are available for jobs, internships, and opportunities. Our students are well prepared, motivated, and ready to add value to your organization. Experience is a fundamental part of our graduate program, which is designed to culminate in real-world responsibilities that benefit both the employer and the student. The ICC can provide advice and assistance to company recruiters.


Book Berklee Talent

Whether you need a band, an audio engineer, a composer, or anything in between, the Berklee Career Manager is an invaluable resource to help you find the talent your organization or event needs. Booking in partnership with Berklee College of Music provides not only an additional creative resource but also support from the ICC, which is dedicated to assisting the entire hiring process.


Berklee Career Manager: Your Job Platform

The Berklee Career Manager is an invaluable resource to help you find the talent your organization needs. The ICC is able to provide flexible and tailored recruitment services in line with today’s musical industry requirements. We look forward to developing partnerships and helping you meet your music hiring needs.


Berklee’s Graduate Internship Program

Berklee graduate students are available for internships for college credit after July. Most internships are full-time and they can be remote or in-person, and they are designed to benefit both you and the student. They include important educational requirements needed for awarding final credits.

The ICC will work closely with you from the moment you show interest in offering an internship to the final day of the internship providing advice and assistance throughout the entire process.



Are you interested in booking Berklee talent for an upcoming project/gig or sharing a job opening or internship? For more details about our services, or to learn how to share job opportunities on our job portal, Berklee Career Manager, please reach out to