For Alumni

From the ICC, engagement with the alumni community is a priority. We aim to develop and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and its alumni body through educational opportunities, career services, gatherings, and benefits that will boost your professional and personal pursuits. As one of our alumni, you are an ambassador of the college and a generous supporter of what we do. Thank you for being a part of this unique community.


Please provide your current contact information so we can keep you in the loop about news, events, and general Berklee happenings. We also invite you to share news and announcements about your post-Berklee life here, where you could be featured in the Alumni spotlight section of our alumni newsletter, and on our website.

Alumni Services, Benefits, and Access

Access to Exclusive Opportunities and Career Advising
After you graduate, you will continue to have access to the Berklee Career Manager, your online resource for finding and applying for jobs, gigs, auditions, and internships. Additionally, as an alumni you can still book individual meetings with us at the ICC or online. Book your appointment on the Berklee Career Manager, and let us know what’s shaking in your career.

Lifelong Learning
Berklee Online offers alumni a 20 percent discount on award-winning online courses. So, no matter where you are, Berklee can continue to help you learn and grow.

To obtain your official transcript please follow the instructions on this link. You can also contact the Registrar Office directly so they can assist you.

Alumni Access to the Valencia Campus
Due to its size, all Valencia Campus facilities are reserved exclusively for actively enrolled students of Berklee. Upon graduation, alumni may visit the campus for official meetings with the ICC, a faculty member, or the administration team. Additionally, alumni may also be invited to campus by current students to work on projects. The invitation must relate to the current student’s program of study and be approved by their program director.

Alumni Events

Berklee’s alumni community is 50,000 strong, and we look forward to helping you continue your relationships with each other and the college.

As alumni, you will receive an alumni newsletter from the Alumni Affairs Office as well as the Valencia-specific newsletter from the International Career Center, including information on all the alumni events Berklee offers. There are more than 50 alumni events in the U.S. and more than 10 in the rest of the world. See a list of alumni events here. 

The ICC is dedicated to providing networking and professional development opportunities for the alumni community, in person and online. If you have specific ideas for events, contact

Alumni Community Online

Berklee alumni make up a vibrant community across the world. Through social media and newsletters, we strive to help you, our alumni, stay connected to the college and to each other, no matter where you live.

We invite all graduates of Berklee’s campus in Valencia to stay connected through the following groups, pages, and profiles:

Berklee Valencia Campus Alumni on Facebook
Berklee Alumni Europe on Facebook
Berklee's Valencia Campus on Instagram
Berklee Valencia on LinkedIn
Berklee Connect