Emilien Moyon

Program Director, Global Entertainment and Music Business

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Career Highlights
  • Founder and director of TEDxBerkleeValencia
  • Created a series of keynotes and workshops for executives and students on topics such as designing an innovative and sustainable business model, business model innovation in entertainment, and the future of music in the video game industry, among others
  • Workshops and research results presented at conferences such as MIDEM, Sonar, and AIMS, among others
  • Led MIDEM 2014 Rethink Music workshop, "Imagine the Business Model of a Song"
  • Led MIDEM 2013 presentation, "Traditional and New Revenue Streams"
  • Thesis “Business Model Change: The Case of the Majors in the Phonographic Industry (1998–2008)” won FNEGE/AIMS Award for Best French Ph.D. Dissertation in Strategic Management in 2012 (full document in French) (summary in English )
In Their Own Words

"Because the music industry is constantly changing, it is now very important for our students to understand that they need an entrepreneurial mindset to be successful. They are the leaders of their professional career. The music business now expects managers and executives to be creative, proactive, and to be able to imagine the future of the industry. In my classes, I help students to develop cutting-edge business skills and to have a global understanding of the entertainment industry (technologies, new consumer behaviors, regulations, etc.). Students also participate in group projects and workshops to stimulate their creativity and to enhance their leadership skills. These skills will be their competitive advantage in the market."

"It is now very difficult for leaders and managers in the music business and the entertainment industry to rethink their business model. I strongly believe that this difficulty is the result of well-established cognitive representations; for many years, there was one dominant business model in the record industry which most people perceived as the only way to do business. This way of thinking has a very negative impact on creativity and innovation especially when you are working in a creative industry. This is the reason why I always try to use companies from heterogeneous industries as examples for students to discover alternative approaches to create value for consumers and generate revenues for firms. Innovators are the ones who constantly think outside the box and transform threats into opportunities."

"One of Berklee’s biggest strengths is to promote diversity and I think that diversity represents a wonderful opportunity for our students to enhance their learning experience. For instance, business students can interact with talented performers and composers on a daily basis. Therefore, business students have the possibility to develop transversal skills which are another key asset to be successful in the music industry. I want my students to promote and develop interactions between the different programs of the school. For example, they can use their skills to manage a band, to develop a marketing campaign using social networks, or to organize a gig. These initiatives will be a catalyst for professional growth. Berklee offers plenty of opportunities to take responsibility and develop a global network of talented people."