The Global Entertainment and Music Business program offers three program concentrations related to the main areas of the music industry—record, live entertainment, and entrepreneurship—giving insights into the different career opportunities the music industry presents. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to practical projects and focus their culminating experience on the area of music they are most interested in.

Record Label

Berklee Valencia innovates with its own record label, Disrupción Records. Students from the record practicum concentration scout and sign artistic talent to the label and its bespoke imprints, develop the talent, oversee recording and production processes, arrange for global distribution, and execute innovative release and marketing campaigns. In recent years, the label has added publishing and sync services and experimented with new products and formats such as NFTs. Through Disrupción, students undertake the full spectrum of record label functions, aiming to accelerate their future careers in the record sector and associated parts of the music industry.

Alumni who have taken this concentration now work in companies such as Universal Music Group, Altafonte, the Orchard, and Sony Music, or have successfully continued their own labels.

Live Entertainment

Within the live entertainment concentration, students collaborate closely with other programs to organize live concerts, music festivals, conferences, and other events. Students acquire skills in production, programming, budgeting, promotion, booking, and logistics. 

Students who took this concentration now work for Live Nation, Arrival Artists, and Superfly, to name a few.


With the entrepreneurship concentration, students learn how to build, craft, and create their own businesses, developing their own business ideas into real enterprises. They receive consultancy on areas such as market research, financing, licensing, location, and organizational structure, and are given the tools to plan and run their business in the long term.

Students have gone on to work at companies including Auras Studios, Paperchain, the Anahad Foundation, and Kumo Records.


Besides choosing a concentration, students can customize their curriculum by choosing several industry-focused electives over the year (students can still choose any elective from the global entertainment and music business program regardless of their program specialization). Academic advisors assist students in choosing their electives based on their interests and career goals.