The master of arts program at Berklee College of Music is designed to be completed in three semesters of study–or one full academic year: fall, spring, and summer semesters. There is an optional internship that takes place the fall after graduation for those who want to do an internship through Berklee for credit.

  • Total Credits: 33/34 with optional internship
  • Total ECTS: 60

  1. Core Module (Módulo Troncal)
    1. Industry Structure
    2. Entrepreneurship
  2. Final Project Module (Módulo TFM)
    1. Practicum
    2. Culminating Experience
  3. Elective Module (Módulo Optativas)
    1. Electives

Each module, with course options, is described below.

Core Module (Módulo Troncal)

Industry Structure



Final Project Module (Módulo TFM)


Students enroll in one practicum course directly related to their concentration (record industry, live entertainment, or entrepreneurship).

Culminating Experience


Elective Module (Módulo Optativas)


Students in global entertainment and music business choose four electives to take. Electives are centered around five career areas of the music industry: artist management, live entertainment, production, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Students choose the electives that best fit their career goals and interests. The semester that electives are offered may vary.

  • Fall Electives: choose 1 course
  • Spring Electives: choose 2 courses
  • Summer Electives: choose 1 course (or/and an Internship)

Optional Elective

Optional electives do not count in program total credits.

Please note: courses are subject to change. Elective courses subject to availability.