The Valencia campus experience offers students access to state-of-the-art recording, technology labs, and classrooms in an intimate academic setting. Students in this program will take all required Berklee core courses for first-year students, with added culturally focused curricular content and cocurricular activities. Students may freely choose the courses they wish to take, as long as they meet the prerequisites for each course and they sign up for a full course load of 12 to 16 credits. Students from outside Berklee work with an academic advisor to define their course load. Students interested in doing the music technology minor must take the courses defined by the minor.

Subject areas include:

  1. Performance and Professional Music
  2. Music Business
  3. Core Music
  4. Contemporary Writing and Production
  5. Liberal Arts
  6. Music Technology
  7. Film Scoring
"Being in an environment in which we were able to collaborate with the graduate students was incredibly enriching. They were such kind, experienced students who, yet, had so much drive to learn and do more, and being surrounded by that energy inspired a more efficient and passionate work ethic for me and my fellow undergraduates."

— Study Abroad Fall '14, by Nicole Kwan

Performance and Professional Music Courses

Music Business Courses

Core Music Courses

Contemporary Writing and Production Courses

Liberal Arts Courses

Music Technology Courses

Film Scoring Courses

Online Courses

Berklee's campus in Boston offers a limited number of online courses that students may take while studying in Valencia.

Online courses students often take while in Valencia include: