Minor in Spanish Arts and Culture

Spain offers a unique link between the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Americas. Spanish culture and society have developed through a constant conversation between these areas. The results of these dialogues range from flamenco to Latin pop, from Picasso to Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, from Luis Buñuel to Isabel Coixet, and from the Mediterranean diet to María Marte or Ferran Adrià. Through the Spanish arts and culture minor, students enter into this conversation by exploring the music, arts, culture, and language of Spain and positioning this knowledge in its societal and global context. The Spanish arts and culture minor prepares students to become active and knowledgeable members of an intersecting and interdisciplinary music industry with a global impact. Students choose one of three tracks in this minor: arts and culture, liberal arts, or musicianship, and must spend at least one semester abroad at Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain.

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