Getting a degree from Berklee pushes you towards the next big step in your career, and coming to Valencia allows you to broaden your horizons and spend more time in the global music industry. As the liaison between Berklee Valencia and the industry, the International Career Center (ICC) is one of the resources you have to help get you from where you are now to where you want to be. The mission of the ICC is to provide expert guidance, cutting-edge resources, and professional development experiences to help our diverse body of students achieve their career goals. Rather than acting as a one-time job link, our overall focus is on career management. We help you access available resources and activities, and apply them to your career path.


Possible Career Paths

Getting a bachelor’s degree in one of Berklee’s many areas of study opens you to a world of possibilities in the music and entertainment industry and beyond. After graduating, many students find jobs working in all facets of the industry. To start to get an idea of what Berklee has to offer your career, we recommend exploring Berklee’s Career Communities. Here you will see the different ways that Berklee helps students to build communities in the business, composition, design, education, health and wellness, performance, and production industries.


Industry Events and Conferences

Succeeding in the music and entertainment industry is all about building your professional network and making connections with the right people. Students are encouraged to take advantage of their time in Europe to attend or participate in the many music and performance-related events held in Spain and throughout Europe. All event participation and attendance is optional, and students make all the arrangements to attend on their own. In some cases, students may be able to access special offers and student discounts through Berklee.



We encourage you to supplement the learning you receive in the classroom with hands-on experiential learning via an internship during your studies. The ICC is here to assist you in obtaining and maintaining an internship that best suits your learning and career goals.

Undergraduate students can do internships once they have completed two semesters and can see the available internship courses and options here.