Outside the Classroom

When you are on campus, you'll find yourself in the midst of a multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and styles. Berklee is well known for the diversity of students and faculty, and on the Valencia campus we celebrate the musical creations and cutting-edge ideas that come from this blend of culture and backgrounds.

Graduate students come from all over the world, and bring a wide range of experiences to share on campus during the year-long program in Valencia. Students are the center of campus life, as they turn classrooms into laboratories and collaborate on innovative projects with students in other graduate programs.

Collaboration with Other Programs

It’s not just the faculty and visiting professionals that inspire, at Berklee you will be surrounded by and collaborating with talented peers, musicians, and composers from around the world, both in the contemporary performance (production concentration) program, and from the other masters’ degrees on campus in music technology, scoring, and music business. It is in this collaboration that opportunities begin to form, relationships are built, and your creativity and ability to innovate are put on center stage.

Outside the classroom, contemporary performance students may find themselves working with students from the music technology innovation master's program to put an electronic track on a new arrangement, or get some extra insight on sound engineering and mixing. Students from the master in music business and global entertainment work with performers to gain experience in promotion, marketing, and artist management, while students in the master in scoring for film, television, and video games often look to contemporary performance students for help to record their compositions in the studio. In addition, students from many programs on campus are musicians and enjoy coming together to perform at events on and off campus.