Final Recording Project

As part of the culminating experience (CE), students in the scoring for film, television, and video games graduate program take part in a trip at the beginning of the summer semester to a major recording studio to record their final project.* Past trips have included sessions at the famed London studios, Air Lyndhurst and Abbey Road. The goal of the trip is to record a piece of original music performed by a fifty-plus piece orchestra at an industry-leading studio. You are given a recording of the session, which you will then mix and master to present as part of your CE.

Read about the trip in Berklee Today's story, "On the Podium at Abbey Road".

Travel Details

The trip takes place over three or four days. Students will need to cover airfare, accommodation, and transportation, while Berklee covers the studio reservation and recording fees as part of the mandatory recording fee paid by students in the first tuition bill. Students are responsible for securing their own visa, if needed.

In addition to the time spent in the studio recording, some extra activities may be organized.

Listen to Music Recorded at Air Studios by Past Students