Policies and Procedures

Withdrawal Policy

All students who desire to withdraw from the college are required to settle all financial obligations with the college, to return all college property, and to complete a Withdrawal from the College form. Students withdrawing before the first day of the program start (September) will receive a 100% credit of their tuition charges. However, the nonrefundable tuition deposit and all fees will be forfeited.

Once a student is withdrawn from the college, there is no opportunity to be readmitted during the same academic year. A withdrawn student who wishes to return to the college must complete the admissions process and be newly accepted.

Withdrawal Tuition Credit

Students withdrawing during the first four weeks of the program are eligible for a tuition credit according to the following schedule:

WithdrawalTuition Charged
Before Classes Begin0%
Week 120%
Week 240%
Week 360%
Week 480%
Week 5+100%

These percentages are weekly guidelines; actual refunds are based on calendar days. For more information on tuition and aid percentages for students withdrawing, refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

For more information, please contact the Valencia Campus Office of Student Accounts at studentaccountsvalencia@berklee.edu.