Joshua Wheatley

Instructor Berklee Study AbroadContemporary Performance (Production Concentration)First Year Abroad

In Their Own Words

“As a teacher, it is essential to be passionate and allow that passion to create an environment of excitement and possibility. Through my hands-on style of demonstration to my students and having them engage in repetition, I have observed the excitement of students breaking through into new levels. My role is to help these students hone and perfect their skill sets, to achieve a level of excellence, while addressing any weaknesses and promoting discipline. My leadership serves as an example to students of how to logically and patiently approach the learning of new concepts. I strive to provide hands-on instruction that breaks down walls of fear and intimidation while inspiring students to become better. It is important to remember that learning is a lifelong journey.”

“In my ensembles, I interact and lead my students as up-and-coming professionals. It is critical in an ensemble setting that I help them develop interpersonal skills, by communicating and interacting positively with them, leading by example, always ensuring that my expectations are met. Listening is the key. Seeing my students motivated, inspired, and enthusiastic during the class is so rewarding. My goal is for them to become totally equipped and prepared for a successful career in a competitive music industry.”

“I began playing drums at age 2, piano at age 6, along with reading rhythmic notation and performing in my church band at age 5. My continued growth as a teacher comes from my own desire to be a better musician. I believe my personal goals for aesthetics and sounds keep the classroom energy fresh and inspiring to students. My attitude toward teaching and learning has and continues to grow through my experience in instructing students of various age groups and cultures inside and outside Berklee Valencia. Seeing the tension and release in students is how I know I have taught effectively. It is very rewarding to observe the understanding take place in a student by saying the right thing in the right way. Time and time again, I have found that finding the correct learning language of a student is key to getting into his or her mind and in doing so acting as a successful teacher.”

“Berklee is constantly pioneering and always evolving to greater heights, to better serve their students. As alumni and faculty, I can testify to Berklee's high quality for educational excellence, equipping their musicians to become well-rounded professionals in the music industry.”

Career Highlights

  • National Association for Music Education (NAfME) All-National Big Band, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Performed at Berlin Microtonal Festival with world-renowned guitarist and professor David Fiuczynski
  • Performed with renowned artists such as John McLaughlin, Victor Mendoza, Philip Gerschlauer, and Samuel Torres
  • Recorded on multiple albums such as Elapse (Daniel Toledo), Weird Glitches (Stephen McHale), Testimony and Truth (Jon Gaines), Where It Goes (Polina Zizak)
  • Released debut album Crisis
  • Designed and copyrighted CIGE ensemble curriculum outline
  • Clinics and private lessons on drum set at Universidad San Francisco de Quito
  • Taught summer jazz programs for elementary and middle school students, as well as private lessons


  • Most Active Drummer Award, Berklee College of Music (2016)
  • Finalist for Indie International Songwriting Competition (2014)
  • Clark Terry Outstanding Student Director Award Jazz Combo, UNH Jazz Festival (2012)
  • Clark Terry Outstanding Drummer Award, UNH Jazz Festival (2012)
  • Guitar Center Drum-Off Regional Finalist (2010)


  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
  • M.M., Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain