Health and Travel Insurance

Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee students must be enrolled in a health insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage that is compliant with state and federal regulations under the Affordable Care Act. All coverage must remain in effect while studying abroad.

Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee students are automatically enrolled in and charged for Berklee’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Students may waive (decline) participation in the Berklee SHIP if they can demonstrate coverage with a comparable insurance plan that is consistent with existing state and federal requirements for students enrolled in colleges and universities in Massachusetts.

For more information about the SHIP, see School-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Program and Waiver Process.

Students from other schools must meet the health insurance requirements of their home institution.

Spanish Health Insurance (MAPFRE)

Students will be covered by MAPFRE, a private health insurance provider in Spain, while they are enrolled in the study abroad program. This coverage is included in the program fee and cannot be waived. Students will receive their insurance card during orientation in Valencia. MAPFRE is supplemental medical insurance that provides coverage throughout Spain and is the exclusive partner of the Berklee Medical Assistance Program in Valencia. Visit Health, Wellness, and Support Services to learn more about Spanish health insurance as well as medical, counseling, and disability services in Valencia.

Travel Insurance (for school-related trips)

Berklee also retains a travel insurance provider, UnitedHealthcare Global (UHCG), that offers specific coverage such as emergency medical evacuation or repatriation and travel assistance services for students during their semester abroad, including during travel that is part of the academic program. There is no fee for this coverage. Download the UnitedHealthcare Global Welcome Kit for more information.

Travel Insurance (for personal travel)

For personal travel within Spain during their semester or year abroad, students will be covered by Spanish health insurance (MAPFRE).

For personal travel outside of Spain, students are responsible for obtaining appropriate health and travel insurance. Students should check with their primary health insurance provider to determine whether they provide coverage for international travel. Alternatively, students can purchase independent insurance that includes medical coverage, trip and luggage protection, and more. See the Frequently Asked Questions section of Health, Wellness, and Support Services for more information.