Sergi Palau


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Sergi Palau is a visual artist from Valencia, Spain. He is a cofounder of the Niño Viejo collective, a member of the visual-creation laboratory Radiante, and artistic curator of the Volumens Festival in Valencia. As a VJ, he has participated in many festivals (Sónar, REC., Mapping, Lunchmeat, Observatori) and worked with musicians such as Felix da Housecat, Roni Size, the Hacker, Alexander Kowalsky, Sascha Funke, Oscar Mulero, DJ Demons, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, and others.

Career Highlights
  • Curator, codirector, and technical director for Volumens, an international art, science, and technology festival in Valencia, Spain 
  • Creator of a visual piece with Murcof for the 2020 Mutek Festival (Japan and Mexico), live visuals for Murcof's The Alias Sessions, live visuals for Suso Sáiz's Nothing Is Objective tour concerts, live visuals with Jupiter Lion at Sónar Festival (2014), and visual design for the Taiat Dansa dance company (2012–present)
  • Video poem with María José Llergo, one of Spain's leading singers 
  • Light design and installation for Renaixement, an art installation at Burning Man (2016), and performed visuals at Primavera Sound with Jupiter Lion (2013)
  • Video and light design for Radiante Lab, including lightning systems for clubs, stages, and art installations
  • Music video director for bands and musicians such as Nacho Marco, Suso Sáiz, Murcof, Jupiter Lion, and Fermín Muguruza, among others
  • Workshops on live video/video mapping at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Polythechnical University of Valencia, and several cultural centers
  • Cofounder of the Niño Viejo collective
  • VJ with Felix da Housecat, Roni Size, the Hacker, Alexander Kowalsky, and Sascha Funke, among others
  • Goya Award winner for Best Short Film, Salvador, historia de un milagro cotidiano (assistant director)
In Their Own Words

"Video, like any artistic discipline, is not an exact science. It depends on the creativity and talent of the person who carries it out, although you will need some knowledge in the field. In my classes, I like that students can adapt the their own needs and creativity, not only with techniques but also with the narrative."

"I have been working in the world of video for more than 20 years. Photography captivated me in my beginning years and later on; being able to apply my knowledge [of photography] by adding movement...made me fall in love with it. I have worked on cinematographic works; edited, recorded, and directed different audiovisual works; and have worked with live video and lighting in shows. Passion and experience have been the best of my teachers, and that is what I like to transmit to the students. Berklee [allows us to] transmit passion for our work, accompanied by excellent professionals and students who act as a continuous stimulus that takes you to higher levels than imagined."