Marta Verde Baqueiro

Associate Professor

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Career Highlights
  • Max/MSP certified trainer
  • Designed visuals for Tanxugueiras at Benidorm Fest (Spanish Eurovision finale) in 2022 
  • Performed visuals in LEV Matadero Festival 2019 with Tensal
  • Performed visuals in Primavera Sound 2019 with BFlecha
  • Fab Academy instructor in 2019
  • Mentored at Interactivos and Visualizar workshops in 2019 at Medialab-Prado Madrid
  • Performed visuals in MIRA Barcelona 2018 with Christoph de Babalon
  • Performed visuals in Martin E. Segal Center with Julián Elvira
  • Completed postgraduate course in digital technologies for the stage at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • Part of PAMP! team, second place at AI Song Contest, 2022
  • Nominee for Best Visual Artist at the Vicious Music Awards, 2018 and 2016
  • Official honoree in technical achievement at the 19th annual Webby Awards, 2015 
  • Recipient of Laus Bronze FAD, 2015
In Their Own Words

"I have been working on digital media, live visuals, and interactive environments for 10 years, as an artist and also as a technician, most of the time with musicians and other artists from different backgrounds. I'm a resourceful creator, capable of dealing with complex situations and finding ad-hoc solutions. Due to my artistic background, I can provide guidance and advice to students about aesthetics, technologies, and creative approaches within their practice, besides being able to solve technical issues related to programming, electronics, and digital fabrication."

"I want my students to learn in my sessions that technology can be difficult when you don't know how to deal with it, but when they get to know its possibilities, it can be the best ally to help them push their boundaries and improve their performances."