Javier Vercher

Javier Vercher

“When I play music, the first thing I reach for is the sound, looking for a deeper and wider understanding of music. By having a strong concept of sound, the student starts to develop his/her own way of conveying emotions and experiences into music [as an] art form. That´s a great starting point.”

“Studying harmony and technique is also an important area of my teaching, as well as basic piano playing skills. This is important to establish fundamental aspects of sound and chord progressions for composition and improvisation.“

“It’s crucial to find out what each student is going for; everyone is different. Once that´s set I develop different exercises within his/her musical realm. That could be writing a composition, establishing piano playing proficiency, or improvisation techniques for his/her main instrument.”

“The essential to me is to nurture the music devotion of the student so he/she can be in shape for the always demanding professional and artistic world.”

Career Highlights

  • Toured with multiple Grammy winner Alejandro Sanz’s Tren de Momentos world tour (2007–2009)
  • Toured the U.S. and U.K. with Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez on saxophone and percussion (2003–2007)
  • Awarded the Tete Montoliu Prize as part of the Spanish General Society for Authors and Editors (SGAE) biennial Tete Montoliu jazz event
  • Awarded the Sociedad de Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes de España (AIE) full scholarship to study overseas (1997–2000)
  • Awarded a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music (1997–2000)
  • Discography (as a leader):
    • With Jorge Rossy, Filantropia, Supertone Records, 2016
    • Wish You Were Here, originally released in 2008, re-released in 2015
    • With Ferenc Nemeth and David Kikoski, Imaginary Realm, Dreamers Collective Records, 2011
    • With the Perico Sambeat Quartet, Edward Perez, and Eric McPherson, Infinita, Fresh Sound New Talent, 2008
    • With Ferenc Nemeth and Lionel Loueke, Wheel of Time, Fresh Sound New Talent, 2008
    • With special guest Robert Glasper and Bob Moses, Introducing the Javier Vercher Trio, Fresh Sound New Talent, 2003