Javier Martínez Escriba


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Career Highlights
  • Selected for the Spanish Language Teachers Abroad Program by the Spanish Ministry of Education
  • More than 10 years of language teaching experience at different prestigious language centers like the University of Valencia Language Teaching Centre
  • B.A., University of Valencia with a year at Queen Mary University of London, Spanish and Latin American language and literature
  • B.A., University of Valencia, English and American language and literature
  • M.A., University of Valencia, teaching
In Their Own Words

"My main goal as a teacher is to help students create a positive emotional bond with language learning that inspires them to develop their skills. We will achieve this through respectful and meaningful communication, creativity, gamification, broadening of the expressive possibilities, cultural exchange, and, last but not least, humor."

"Since this is Berklee, music will not be left out of the equation. Whenever possible, we will articulate music and language learning through different projects like writing songs in Spanish."

"My experience as a teacher has showed me that both the most effective and fun way to teach is to make students protagonists of their own learning. Therefore, in our classes there will be a lot of interaction between students, and the focus will be put on learning by doing rather than learning by studying."