Fabien Aubry

Assistant Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Freelance composer, arranger, and orchestrator; music production company owner
  • Classroom instruction includes production classes on the main digital audio workstations (DAW) and virtual instruments like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, DP, Kontakt, and Reason, as well as music production, technology, and innovation ensembles in which students explore live performance and technology
  • Recent projects include symphonic orchestration for the High Performance Music/Rhythmic Melodies project, performed by the Boston Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Yohei Sato, and arrangement writing for artist and composer Jago Thorne’s new album
  • Recipient of a faculty grant to record jazz fusion compositions in the studio on Berklee’s campus in Valencia
  • Arranger of two orchestral pieces for the American Latin jazz Grammy-winning artist Poncho Sanchez (directed by Bernardo Hernandez)
  • Performance experience includes gypsy jazz guitar work and piano/keyboard work
  • 2014 winner of the Hemispheric Composition Contest at La Ciudad de la Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain
  • Winner of the Chicago Commercial Award (Best Commercial Writing, 2009)
  • John Dankworth Award (Best Vocal Writing, 2009)
  • Berklee Achievement Scholarship (2008–2009)
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music, contemporary writing and production
In Their Own Words

"My philosophy in life is that you need first to know who you are, where your talents and your skills lie, and your niche market. Then visualize your goal and never lose faith that one day it will happen. If perhaps it’s not happening, it’s either because you are looking in the wrong direction based on who and what you are or because you didn’t water the seed long enough to see the flower blossom."

"It’s essential for me to give a personalized teaching method, based on each personality and learning ability, as we are all different beings. My job is to help the students to discover where their skills are and how to use them but also to help them to push their production level to a professional level. For me, having a good sense of psychology and pedagogy is essential to allow students to develop their potential and to grow up with time. Seeing students evolving in their technical and creative skills is my reward. It’s a job where you receive more than you give."

"In my classes, students will gain a solid ability and knowledge in music sequencing and production. They will be able to express their creativity, discover their talents, and gain a sense of organization and professionalism in their work."

"In my opinion, Berklee is a unique school that unifies knowledge from the past—talented teachers with a lot of experience—and the latest technology, tools, and infrastructure. But also, Berklee creates a unique international context of creativity and talent for students coming from the whole world."