Daniel Castelar


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Career Highlights
  • Reached No. 1 in U.K. album sales with Paolo Nutini's 2014 album, Caustic Love (as producer and engineer)
  • Reached No. 1 in U.K. album sales with Paolo Nutini's 2008 album, Sunny Side Up (as producer and engineer)
  • As an engineer and/or producer, past clients include Michael Jackson (while head engineer at Grouse Lodge Studios, Ireland), R.E.M, the Editors, and Snow Patrol
  • Diploma, Sound Training College (Ireland), sound engineering and music technology
  • Diploma, City & Guilds of London Institute, sound engineering
In Their Own Words

"After several years working in the music industry, I think that the best way to teach is to show students enough theory and how to apply it in order to make them aware of and able to properly use all the tools (past and present) that we have at our disposal. And although I like to show how to apply certain techniques, my aim is for them to develop their own way of doing things. I would say that my motto is, learn the rules in order to break them."

"Berklee’s program allows us to develop a very unique and personal way of teaching, so we can share our personal experiences with the students and let them decide what works for them."

"Working in studios and making records for the last 15 years has given me a very practical approach and sense of teamwork, and I try to extend both aspects  to my lectures."