Catalina Millán

Associate Professor

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Career Highlights
  • Rhetoric and creative writing professor at Florida State University
  • Concert and tour promoter with Groovelives Events and Delta Promoters for the last 10 years
  • Author of several short stories published by Círculo Rojo and Hipalage
  • Official translator for Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina and Contemporary Art Festival Observatory
  • Valencia SLAM Poetry representative in the Spain National Finals, 2015 and 2016
  • Official translator for Cinema Jove and Medium-Length Film Festival La Cabina 
  • B.A., Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Valencia, dramatic arts
  • M.A., Universidad de Valencia, secondary education
  • M.A., Universidad de Valencia, creative and humanistic translation and interpretation
  • Ph.D., Universidad de Valencia, Spanish and English languages and translation 
  • Diploma, Universidad de Valencia (ADEIT), training and updating of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language
In Their Own Words

"Learning a language is not simply memorizing material; it is learning a skill, very similar to the process of learning music. A language is a living thing, in constant evolution, a knowledge that can always be useful and a student can always fall back on. But it also unwraps a different way of thinking, a different perspective on thoughts, culture, and perception. It is inspiring and constructive."

"Communication is a strong motivation, and that’s why we try to keep classes practical. It is amazing how much better a grammar structure can stick to a student’s memory when being used. Learning the basics of structure comes together with practicing the fields of speaking, reading, writing and understanding. But definitely nothing is more inspiring than being in the city of Valencia. Living abroad is already a step into a new world; learning its language and culture is simply what follows naturally."

"Having studied theater, education, and translation, as well as my doctorate courses in semiology, I not only teach languages but have also been involved in the local music culture of Valencia with my radio show, DJ gigs, concert promoting, and writing in music magazines. With several short stories and poems published, I also teach several literature courses where we push the boundaries of literature and the arts, searching for meaning and communication, always using music as a backbone."