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Daniel Flors

Associate Professor Berklee Study AbroadFirst Year Abroad

In Their Own Words

"We, as musicians, are not aware of how profound our music may get, how many hearts shall be touched, and all without notice."

"Through my enthusiasm and passion for excellence, I am fully committed to doing everything that I can to help students become better musicians and to help them ensure that they really grow as artists. I want my students to know that being an 'artist' means to be looking, to get deeply involved with whatever their musical goal is."

"I am aware that a teacher may have a tremendous impact on the way students play and write, on the way they feel and hear, and through our music, they may find the link to all wisdom. I want to help them establish a wonderful connection from their innermost self to their instrument, which is actually what playing with love is about."

"Everyone’s music requires a continual musical exploration and commitment to self-expression that has to be an integral part of the playing and composition process."

"I would like them to get to the point where everyone playing or listening to something by them will be able to think in terms of knowing themselves better."

"Words such as curiosity, autonomy, spontaneity, and decision-making should become part of their vocabulary, and we, as teachers, should provide them with all the required tools, assuming that they have to become independent and unique."

Career Highlights

  • Guitarist, composer, and arranger
  • Recordings include When Least ExpectedAtonally Yours, and The Man of the Loaves & Fishes
  • Tour with singer Astrid Crone
  • Guitar and harmony workshops at several international institutions, including the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, United States), Inverness (Scotland), Liverpool (England), and Bata (Equatorial Guinea)
  • Author of a harmony book titled ArmoniJazz
  • Compositions for documentary recordings as well as for Fox International Channels


  • April Prize for Best Original Music


  • B.M., Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, jazz and modern music
  • Jazz composition studies, Berklee College of Music