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Albert Sanz

Instructor Berklee Study AbroadFirst Year Abroad

In Their Own Words

“Our ears are our first and most valuable instrument. The way we hear music will have an impact on everything we do, not only in music but also in life itself. I feel very lucky to be part of Berklee’s ear training program since I strongly believe that any great music professional (in any field) needs a big pair of ears to help us sing in pitch, read music, identify and analyze rhythm and harmony, and provide us with the confidence needed for any given music job today.”

“Berklee’s ear training program is a very complete one and it requires a big compromise from both teacher and students, and I try to make the students realize what an important part of their development this class is and how it will help them build the confidence to become a strong musician.”

“Personally, I believe it’s very important to learn the theory behind the music, but I’ve been involved in many musical situations throughout my career and I know that musicians that have confidence in their ears are the happiest ones. My motto would be ‘Play what you hear!’ ”


  • Tete Montoliu Award from Sociedad General de Autores y Editores for best young pianist (2000)
  • Cartelera Turia Award for best musical contribution (2000)
  • Awarded best Spanish jazz record by Cuadernos de Jazz (1999)


  • B.M., Berklee College of Music