Berklee Study Abroad: Accepted Students

Confirm Your Place

Students are encouraged to confirm their place as soon as possible. There is limited space in the program, and once full capacity is reached, students may join a waiting list.

To confirm your place in the program, complete the following two steps.

1. Submit Your Acceptance Agreement
You can find your acceptance agreement in your acceptance email.

2. Pay Your Program Deposit
Please submit your program deposit online.


Once Confirmed

Complete these tasks during the semester prior to going abroad. You will begin to receive more information from the Study Abroad Office during the first few weeks of the semester (fall or spring) prior to your program start date.

2. Notify Relevant Offices on Campus

Some important departments to contact include:

Housing: If you live on campus, let the housing office know when you will be studying abroad and if you wish to request housing for when you return.

Student Employment: If you currently have a student employment position, inform your supervisor of your plans to study abroad once you've been accepted to the program. Important information to share with them is your last day before going abroad as well as the date you are able to return to work once you return.

International Student Services: If you are an international student, contact the International Student Services team, especially if you are close to graduating and considering Optional Practical Training (OPT) or other post-completion options.

Disability Services: Let your Disability Services Counselor know that you will study abroad so they can ensure you'll have access to everything you'll need in Valencia.

Personal Counseling: Let your counselor know that you will study abroad. They can provide useful tips and help you set up counseling services in Valencia.

4. Register for Your Classes

Berklee College of Music students: Make sure you have consulted with your major chair to determine the classes you should take. You will register during the college's regular registration period (in April for fall and in November for spring).

All other students: Make sure you have consulted with your advisor to determine the classes you should take. You will receive a registration form along with a list of courses and meeting times from Berklee's Study Abroad Office. This information will be available in March for fall and in October for spring.

See study abroad courses.

5. Attend a Pre-Departure Meeting

All students must attend one pre-departure meeting. Meeting details will be sent to confirmed students. The meetings take place in April for students studying abroad in fall and in November for students studying abroad in spring.

Students not located in Boston will be invited to attend an online meeting on another date.

6. Prepare for Departure

Refer to the Pre-Departure Guide for helpful tips.

Once you have booked your flight, email your flight information to

Health and Travel Insurance

Students participating in the Berklee Study Abroad program must have primary health insurance. The program provides supplemental Spanish health insurance as well as travel insurance for school-related trips. Students are responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for personal travel.

You must have primary health insurance.

The state of Massachusetts requires that students be covered by a health insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage and is compliant with federal and state regulations under the Affordable Care Act. Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee students will be required to accept enrollment in Berklee's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or submit a waiver request indicating comparable coverage to the SHIP, even while participating in study abroad, because their primary academic enrollment is in Massachusetts. Read more about the Berklee SHIP.

Students from other schools must meet the primary health insurance requirement of their home institution.

You will have Spanish health insurance.

Students will be covered by MAPFRE, a private health insurance provider in Spain, while they are enrolled in the program. This coverage is included in the program fee and cannot be waived. Students will receive their MAPFRE insurance card during orientation in Valencia. MAPFRE provides coverage throughout Spain. Visit Health, Wellness, and Support Services to learn more about MAPFRE health insurance as well as medical, counseling, and disability services in Valencia.

You will have travel insurance for your trip to and from Valencia, and for school-sponsored travel during the program.

Berklee’s travel insurance provider, UnitedHealthcare Global (UHCG), covers students during their travel to and from Valencia (at the beginning and end of the program) and during travel that is part of the academic program. There is no fee for this coverage. Download the UnitedHealthcare Global Welcome Kit for more information.

If you will travel for personal reasons before, during, or after the program, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate health and travel insurance.

For personal travel inside Spain during the program, you will be covered by MAPFRE. You will not be covered by UHCG.

For personal travel outside of Spain during the program, you will not be covered by MAPFRE or UHCG. You should check with your primary health insurance provider to see if they provide coverage for international travel. Alternatively, you can purchase independent insurance including medical coverage, trip and luggage protection, and more. See the Frequently Asked Questions section of Health, Wellness, and Support Services for more information.

Passports and Visas

Passport Requirement

All students must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after their program end date. It is recommended that you have your passport ready at least three months before your program start date so you can apply for a visa.

Visa Requirement

*Most students will need to obtain a visa to study in Spain. A student visa is a type of long stay (or long term) visa that you apply for at a Spanish consulate or embassy. The visa gets stamped inside your passport. It is recommended that you start preparing your visa application two months before the visa application deadline.

*Citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland do not need a visa to study in Spain.

Visa Application Instructions

1. Download the Visa Application Checklist.

2. Prepare all required documents from the checklist.

3. Submit your visa application to the study abroad office by the deadline.

Visa Application Deadline:
May 31 (Fall Abroad or Academic Year Abroad)
October 15 (Spring Abroad)

The study abroad office will submit your visa application to the Spanish consulate in Boston on your behalf. Visa processing takes approximately eight weeks* from the visa application deadline. Your passport will remain at the consulate and cannot be retrieved during this time.

The study abroad office will email you when your visa is ready. You can pick up your passport (with visa inside) from the study abroad office or have it mailed to you.

*The study abroad office cannot guarantee that your passport will be ready by a certain date. Visa processing time is at the discretion of the consulate.