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First Year Abroad: Accepted Students

Accepted Students

If you have already been accepted to Berklee College of Music's First Year Abroad program for the upcoming fall, then there are a number of things that you need to do prior to check-in. This section of the site is designed to help you make a smooth transition.

Acceptance Expiration

Your acceptance is dependent on successful completion of any outstanding schoolwork. Admission to the First Year Abroad program on the Valencia campus is only valid for the fall semester that you were accepted. If you decide to defer your acceptance, your only option is to enroll on the Boston campus, which you may do so in the following spring or fall.

If you do decide to defer your acceptance, you must submit a written request to refund or transfer your tuition deposit to a later semester. Your refund or transfer request must be received by the college no later than May 1.

Next Steps

Paying Your Tuition Deposit

Tuition deposits for Berklee are due upon acceptance notification. This initial deposit is credited towards your first semester charges, confirms your intention to attend the college, and secures your seat in the entering class.

Please note that your $1,000 deposit is to be paid in full by May 1.

Read more about paying the tuition deposit.

Additional Steps

Login to your account at to see a full list of steps to complete prior to the fall. The following is a general list of what to expect.

Check Your Passport

All participants must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the program end date. If you do not currently have a passport, apply for one now, as it could take six weeks or longer to get one. You will need your passport at least three months before the program start date in order to apply for a student visa.

Depending on what country you are from, it can take up to eight weeks to receive a new passport. You should have this completed by May 1 to allow enough time for the student visa application process.

Learn More About Passports and Visas

Apply for a Student Visa to Study in Spain

First Year Abroad students need a long-stay student visa, which allows students to study for up to one year in Spain. The visa application process requires the student to present documentation at your corresponding Spanish consulate, and can take up to three months to process.

Who Needs a Visa?
All students on the Valencia campus need this visa unless you are a citizen or legal resident of the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, or Switzerland.

It can take up to 12 weeks to process your student visa. You should have your visa completed by August 1.

Learn More About Passports and Visas

Submit Your Immunizations

Completed immunization records are required in order to finalize your application process. We recommend that you get the required immunizations and send us your form as soon as possible. Make sure that you have all of the required shots; it takes only one missing or expired shot to cause delays during check-in. If you submitted your form but are still receiving communications from us indicating otherwise, you may have omitted something, and you should contact us immediately at 800-BERKLEE (237-5533), 617-747-2222, or to follow up.

Special Notice: All immunizations must be completed before arriving in Spain, as some immunizations will not be available there.

The entire immunization process can take up to 16 weeks. You should have this completed by August 1.

Immunization Form

A physician must complete this form, with signature and stamp.

Download and Print the Immunization Form

If you have questions regarding immunizations or the immunization requirements, contact your Enrollment Officer in the Office of Admissions.

Orientation and Welcome Events

Welcome Event
To help celebrate your acceptance to Berklee for the fall semester, we invite you to join us at an optional welcome event. You will have a chance to meet your future classmates, hear from college leadership about what to expect from your Berklee experience, and ask any questions you may have.

Details regarding these events will be sent separately and an RSVP will be required. Those who are unable to attend in person will be able to view the events via streaming video.

One week before classes start, all First Year Abroad students are required to attend orientation on the Valencia campus to introduce you to everything that Berklee’s international campus in Spain has to offer. During this week, you’ll not only get to meet your classmates, faculty, and support staff, but also the rest of the campus community at the undergraduate and graduate level. The orientation dates will be published soon so you can prepare for your arrival.

Apply for Financial Aid

Whether you are attending Berklee in Boston or doing your first year abroad in Valencia the process of applying for aid is the same. You and your family begin the process of applying for need-based financial aid by completing two forms: the CSS/Financial Aid Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Both applications gather information about your family's financial situation and enable you to be considered for a range of federal, state, and institutional funding.

Learn More About Student Financial Services


Housing is mandatory for every First Year Abroad student, and you will have the choice of a single room with private bath, a double room with private bath (shared by the two roommates), or a triple room with private bath (shared by the three roommates).

In addition, students in First Year Abroad will have access to a private shuttle bus on school days (Monday through Friday) that will leave the residence in the morning and return in the evening.

Learn More About Housing

Submit Proof of High School Graduation

Submit proof of high school/secondary school completion
submit your proof of high school graduation (either your official high/secondary school diploma or final transcript that includes a graduation date and an official signature and seal). Students who did not submit proof of secondary school completion as part of their application must submit a general report of their credential evaluation through a certified credential evaluation service. Transfer students should submit their most recent transcript to update their transfer credit records. Some documents may already have been submitted during the application process.

It can take up to three weeks to order, submit, and process your documents. The office of admissions must receive them no later than August 1.

Buy a Laptop

Students participating in the First Year Abroad program will need to purchase their own Apple laptop prior to their arrival in Valencia. Please review Bring Your Own Laptop for information on Apple models that meet the acceptable criteria.

All students are required to purchase the Entering Student Software Package. The charge for this package will be automatically billed to your student account and must be paid in full along with all other student charges. Workshops to help students install and register these applications will be available during orientation.

Learning to record audio is an important part of becoming proficient with music technology. Berklee has state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest audio hardware and software where you will learn about and use music technology. For use outside of classes, Berklee strongly encourages students to own their own audio interface. Options to purchase an interface from Berklee on the Valencia campus may become available. More information will be forthcoming.

Learn More About Buying Your Laptop

Passport and Visa

Important Message About Visas

If you need a student visa, we highly recommend that you immediately begin researching the process by getting in contact with your corresponding Spanish consulate as soon as possible. The process will vary from consulate to consulate in the U.S. and around the world, so it is important to know the exact requirements at your consulate.

The long-stay student visa allows students to study for up to one year in Spain. The visa application process requires the student to present documentation at the Spanish consulate nearest your residence, and can take up to three months to process.

Students who fail to obtain the proper visas and authorizations for their studies at the Valencia campus cannot participate in their desired program and will forfeit any deposits that they have paid. Therefore, it is extremely important that you read the following information.

Who needs this visa?

All students enrolled in the First Year Abroad program participants on the Valencia campus need this visa unless you are a citizen of the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, or Switzerland.

Visa Checklist

Download the following visa checklist for the steps to follow to get your student visa to study in Spain with Berklee during your first year.

Download the visa checklist

Getting Your Visa

The following information describes the general process in order to obtain a long-stay student visa. However, you should check with your Spanish consulate before beginning the process, as the process varies from consulate to consulate.

Before Entering Spain

Step One: Make a Visa Appointment

Contact your local Spanish consulate and make a visa appointment. You can find the Spanish consulate that corresponds to you here.


  • You must go to the Spanish consulate that corresponds to you in the country where you are a legal resident. In the U.S., for example, your consulate is assigned to you based on the state you live in.
  • Some consulates are busier than others. The first available appointment could be months away, or it could be within a few days. At your appointment you must present official documents provided by Berklee, which we will mail to you in an accept pack soon after sending the acceptance email.

Step Two: Gather Important Documents

Before your visa appointment you should get all the necessary documents together. You may need to have some documents translated into Spanish by an official translator, while some documents require an Apostille of the Hague. Check with your consulate for specific requirements. If you need documents translated into Spanish, here is a list of official sworn translators (the list is organized by the original language and where the translator is physically located).

The following documents are generally required to obtain a student visa, but you should check with your consulate for specific requirements:

  • Original, signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay, with at least one empty page for the visa.
  • Visa application form and passport-size photos.
  • An official letter certifying admission to Berklee College of Music undergraduate program. (Provided by Berklee in your accept pack)
  • The program of study outlining the course content. (Provided by Berklee in your accept pack)
  • A medical insurance policy covering medical expenses and repatriation in the case of accident or sudden illness for the entire period of the stay in Spain. (Provided by Berklee in your accept pack)
  • A letter from a doctor stating that the applicant does not suffer an illness that poses a threat to public health in accordance with international health regulations. This should be on the doctor's or health center's letterhead and stamped.
  • Proof of financial means during your stay. For example, an official bank statement or a notarized letter from your parents accepting financial responsibility for you.
  • A criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of your country of origin or any country in which you have lived for six months or longer during the past five years.

Again, this is a general list of required documents. You should check with your consulate for specific requirements.

Step Three: Go to Your Visa Appointment

Arrive to your appointment early with all your documents and copies prepared.


  • You will present your physical passport, plus all your documents and copies.
  • Bring money to pay the visa fee. Check with the consulate beforehand to know the accepted form of payment and the amount.
  • At your appointment, ask how long they anticipate the visa processing to take, and how you will know when your visa is ready. Ask how it will be returned to you, if you need to pick it up in person, or if they mail it to you in a prepaid envelope. Each consulate has a different process.

Step Four: Get Your Visa

At your appointment you should ask how your passport and visa will be returned to you, as each consulate works differently.

The busiest time for consulates is the summer, when they process a high volume of visas for students coming to Spain in the fall, so this process could take up to six weeks or more.

Entering Spain (or any country in Schengen Territory)

Enter Spain

As you pass through immigration upon entering the Schengen Area, an immigrations officer will stamp your passport. Make sure your passport gets stamped.

Once in Spain

Get Your Student Residency Card

From the time you enter the Schengen Area, you have 30 days to apply for your student residency card, which will be your national identification card while in Spain.

It will take approximately two months to complete the process and get your student residency card, which is valid for up to one year and renewable if you continue to meet the student visa conditions.

You will receive information on how to apply for the residency card before orientation.

Student Health Insurance

All First Year Abroad students enrolled at the Valencia campus will be covered by MAPFRE health insurance. This coverage is included in the First Year Abroad Program fee and such fee cannot be waived. Please visit Student Health and Support Services to learn more about the MAPFRE health insurance coverage, our Counseling and Disability services and Berklee's Medical Assistance Service.