Eligibility Requirements

The Spain Summer Performance Program is open to all musicians at least 15 years old who have a minimum of six months of instrument or voice experience.

The language of instruction is English. Participants are advised to have at least an intermediate level (B1) of English to succeed in the courses and take advantage of the program. Please note that students are not required to submit proof of proficiency in order to join the program.

Important information regarding participation by students under the age of 18:

The Berklee Valencia Summer Performance Program is strictly an on-campus academic program. It is not a residential program, and students are required to live independently off-campus in non-Berklee-sponsored housing. Berklee only provides supervision during the set hours of the program and does not supervise students outside of program hours. Parents/legal guardians shall ensure proper supervision and accompaniment of minors (participants under 18 years of age) enrolled in the Spain Summer Performance Program outside the on-campus program scheduled hours, as well as during their travels to/from Valencia. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent-legal guardian OR must have signed an authorization from their parent and/or legal guardian authorizing their participation in the program without adult supervision.