Pierce Warnecke

Assistant Professor

“Stepping from the classroom to the real world is a daunting but doable step if one is prepared and focused, and it's even easier if one adds in the key ingredient to success: passion. In my classes I want students to hone in on what they really want to do and work as if their future depends on it. I want to work with them to develop the necessary skills so that they feel ready to boldly jump to the next level: their careers.”

“From basements to museums, backyards to opera houses, I have presented mywork in just about every context, which has taught me the importance of respect, patience, and professionalism. I have learned that it doesn't matter if your job is with a software company or with a music festival, what matters is doing what is asked of you, getting it done on time, and doing it with a positive attitude. That's the best way to ensure the end goal: being called back for the next gig.”

Career Highlights

  • B.M. with a concentration in music synthesis,­ magna cum laude, Berklee College of Music
  • M.A. in generative and computational art, Universität der Kunst Berlin
  • Performed and installed audiovisual works at top festivals for digital art and new media including Elektra Montreal, CTM Berlin, NEMO Paris, BOZART Brussels, SemiBreve, and MadeiraDig
  • Compositions commissioned by ORF and DRK, German and Austrian national culture radio stations
  • Collaborator with international artists such as Frank Bretschneider and Matthew Biederman
  • Recipient of grants and commissions from Canada, France, Germany, and the European Union