Neeltje Mooring | Berklee Valencia Campus

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Neeltje Mooring

Neeltje Mooring

“My style of teaching is referred to as ‘connected learning’, a type of learning that integrates personal interest, peer relationships, and achievement in academic areas. I try to achieve this by sharing my knowledge and experience from the field. For example one of my assignments, Scout and Sync, is a workshop in which students need to pitch new music talent for brands and act like creative managers at a music publishing company. After their presentations in the classes, they will get feedback from the audience (their peer students and teacher, acting like the brand). The feedback gives the ability to improve their work and implement it in their final written assignments”.

“ I encourage students to give their input and discuss current issues in the music industry. This helps students to develop a professional vision of the current issues in the music industry, and to understand and apply the music industry terminology”.

“After my classes, I hope to have inspired the students and I hope that they have gained the ability to recognize, analyze and even create alternative business solutions to build their own future carreers.”

Career Highlights

  • Entrepreneur and owner of SOLID as a rock; marketing and communication consultant on music and media projects
  • Independent Synch agent, music supervisor, and music publisher whose clients include BMG Talpa Music, Imagem, NPO (Dutch public broadcasting organization), Dox Records, Strengholt Music Group, Kaap Holland Film, NTR (independent Dutch public service broadcaster), and KeyFilm
  • Developed the mutual study program entitled International Music Publishing and Licensing with Berklee College of Music’s campus in Boston, and organizes a yearly international exchange with Berklee and Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Haarlem, the Netherlands
  • Part-time lecturer in music business at Inholland University since 2009; course leader and developer of International Music Publishing and Licensing at the Faculty of International Music Management of Inholland University
  • Interim marketing communication consultant at NPO, Department of Radio Programming and Communication
  • Coach on the television program Do You Wanna Be A Popstar on SBS6
  • Marketing manager, Benelux, Artist and Repertoire (A&R), and former artist manager and label manager for Double T Music and independent labels Idol Media and Flow Records; developer of the international careers of K’s Choice, Sarah Bettens, Venice, and multiple local Dutch artists
  • Former national/ international product manager at Sony Music Entertainment/Epic Records, Hilversum, the Netherlands
  • Bachelor’s degree in design and marketing communication at Ichthus University of Rotterdam, in 1994
  • Certificate in the study of career coaching at Inholland University, 2010
  • Associate master’s degree in media psychology and advertising at NCOI University, 2016