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Martin F. Frascogna

Martin F. Frascogna

“The music industry is a multifaceted monster. To the outsider, it appears casual and creative. The reality: Strip down the glamour and it’s a bundle of complex elements in which each module impacts the industry in a different way. Entertainment attorneys, by necessity, must understand each component in extreme detail. “Details” from a classroom perspective can often become boring, translating into students missing the core lesson completely.”

“In this course, we will explore broad aspects of entertainment law, but will do so in a practical, interactive, and entertaining way that keeps students engaged. More importantly, we will analyze how and why entertainment attorneys must perform differently in today’s industry and why it’s crucial to remain creative and cross-pollinate with a variety of industry professionals (e.g. A&R, publishers, songwriters, artists, etc).”

Career Highlights

  • Attorney, Frascogna Entertainment Law (2009- present)
  • Frascogna’s lectures at MIDEM ranked as one of the top events in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Billboard Magazine.
  • Youngest published attorney by the American Bar Association on the topic of international entertainment law, Entertainment Law for the General Practitioner coauthor).
  • Clients in 34 countries, over six continents
  • Album credits for legal representation on RIAA Platinum & Gold Records
  • DePaul University Top 40 Alumni Under 40
  • Berklee College of Music – American Music Ambassador 2014, 2015, 2016.