Hana Melcrová Basks in International Spotlight

The Berklee Valencia student attended last semester’s Pro Weekend Event, connecting with industry professionals and gaining valuable insights.

February 27, 2024

Hana Melcrová is no stranger to the spotlight—but she never stops chasing it. In her native Czechia, her music has reached the top of the Czech Rock Radio charts and has been featured in films.

With her pop/rock band Y?, she has toured Europe and Canada extensively, tapping new audiences and expanding her ever-growing fan base.

Her determination to succeed has also led her to Berklee Valencia.

Already an accomplished performer, Melcrová wanted to further build her career by studying  contemporary music in a world-class setting. While touring, Melcrová became inspired to study abroad.

Melcrová is currently studying for the Master of Music in contemporary performance (production concentration) program at Berklee Valencia. She describes attending Berklee as a pivotal turning point in her life. Not only is she thriving in her studies, but she has discovered a sense of belonging among her peers, whom she describes as “incredibly talented musicians and inspirational individuals.”

The opportunities provided by Berklee have led her career in new and exciting directions. She points to working with Grammy- and Latin Grammy–winning producer Emilio D. Miler on one of her songs as part of a production class, and to performing at Berklee a Les Arts: La Mano Ganadora at Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía.

Another turning point for Melcrová was attending Pro Weekend as part of The Artist as a Startup class, led by faculty Grace Puluczek

This event, which brings together emerging artists and international music professionals in Castellón, Spain, connected students with influential figures in the music industry through concerts, panels, and networking events,  including one in which  students were given one minute to present their current projects to industry experts.

“Despite the challenge of condensing my story into such a brief time frame, I managed to make it work and had the privilege of connecting with numerous inspiring individuals,” she says.

Following one of these networking events, Melcrová was invited to perform at Liveurope, an initiative that supports up-and-coming European artists through live music, at the legendary Stodoła venue in Warsaw, Poland. 

For the performance, she assembled  a small group of musicians from Berklee and created arrangements of her original songs. Alongside Melcrová on lead vocals, the group featured her fellow contemporary performance (production concentration) students Miyu Imai on the violin and Beti Strgar on piano and vocals. The result was a “unique and memorable musical journey,” Melcrová says.

“Performing in Poland was an incredible experience. I always find immense joy in playing my music live, and this opportunity in Poland was particularly special for me as it marked my first time performing there,” she says.

Melcrová says that preparation is the key to success in events like Pro Weekend. “Being ready allows you to take opportunities as they arise,” she says, adding that it's a good idea to follow up on opportunities and ask lots of questions.

She also suggests researching the speakers in advance of the event and preparing specific questions to help obtain more insightful answers and stronger connections. “It's all about that moment when everything begins, and you have the power to create it. Don't overthink it—seize the opportunity.”

Finally, she urges emerging artists to stay true to themselves and embrace authenticity.