From Bedroom Producer to Berklee and Beyond: Mayur Jumani M.M. ’16

Since graduating from Berklee, Mayur Jumani M.M. ’16 has taken the internet by storm. Berklee Valencia gave him the confidence to pursue a career in music.


February 27, 2024

Since graduating from Berklee, Mayur Jumani M.M. ’16 has taken the internet by storm. His meme mixes, where he uses his distinctive finger drumming technique on a MIDI keyboard to remix popular memes and videos, pull in millions of views (some have more than 50 million), and his YouTube channel has over two million subscribers.

In addition, Jumani has released several commercial and Bollywood songs, working with some of India's most successful production houses; runs his own audio production house, Aux Media; and is a certified Ableton trainer, one of only a handful based in India.

As a bedroom producer growing up in Mumbai, Jumani never imagined that millions of people would react to his music.

However, within just two months of enrolling in the Master of Music in music production, technology, and innovation program at Berklee Valencia, that’s exactly what happened.

Jumani created a live remix of Eiffel 65's “Blue," a classic ’90s pop song, and his rendition garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube.

At that time, Jumani was still finding his footing at Berklee Valencia, but the positive reactions from his peers affirmed that he was on the right track as a producer and creator.

Unlike most Berklee students, Jumani did not have an academic background in music when he applied for the master’s program; music had always been a hobby, a source of fun. It wasn’t until 2015 that he decided to try to make a career out of it.

Prior to this shift, Jumani had explored his creative side by working as a UX designer in Mumbai. Despite his passion for graphics and design, the allure of music remained persistent, always growing stronger.

“During those two years as a UX designer, I started producing my own songs, and I started DJing,” he says. “Many people told me that I should look at this as a career option.”

Though he was confident in his musical abilities, Jumani had never seriously considered pursuing music as a career in India. However, Berklee Valencia prompted him to reassess his path.

After hearing about the college, Jumani applied for the master's program. Because he didn't have a bachelor's in music, he spent hours composing a portfolio of original songs, remixes, and live performances. His expectations of success were low, which made the acceptance email all the sweeter.

“That was the moment I knew I was going to change my career,” he says. “I thought, ‘If people at Berklee think I’m good at [music], then maybe I am!’”

Music had always been a part of Jumani’s life—his father taught him to play a small Casio keyboard at age 5, and he’d later teach himself new instruments by watching YouTube tutorials—but Berklee Valencia was the first time music became his total focus.

Before 2015, Jumani had never lived outside of Mumbai, so moving to Spain was a huge shift. But his year in Valencia was a "game changer," he says. “The best part was that everyone came from a different background. People were from countries all over the world, so that in itself kind of made the whole environment so friendly.”

Initially more introverted, Jumani says he emerged from his year in Valencia as a more open person who forged numerous friendships along the way. "It was a completely different side of me coming out,” he says. 

Beyond personal growth, Jumani says the master's program helped prepare him for life as a musician. He attributes performing at Berklee's TEDx event for an audience of over 500 people and gaining hands-on experience in top recording studios as pivotal highlights of his experience. 

While Jumani has set numerous goals for 2024, his primary focus is on recording and releasing his own music. Currently immersed in the creation of original material, he eagerly anticipates bringing his work to life through live performances later this year.