Victoriano Darias | Berklee Valencia Campus

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Victoriano Darias


Victoriano Darias


“It is remarkable to realize to what extent the music industry has become a dinner-table topic. Everybody seems to have an explanation for the collapse of the music industry, and, more importantly, a recipe to succeed in today’s music market:

  • ‘The major labels got it all wrong and they are on the verge of extinction.’
  • ‘Independent artists do not need them anymore, nor do they need music publishers, PROs, or any other middlemen.’
  • ‘It’s just about embracing technology, being free and open, plugging into every social network, doing all kinds of creative things, and having snazzy t-shirts.’
  • ‘It’s all about “thinking outside the box”.’

Unfortunately, after many years working in the music industry, I have come to realize that it is not that simple. In fact, in my experience, there is so much encouragement for people to ‘think outside the box’ that many of them just forget to take a look inside in the first place. However, having a solid foundation and a good understanding of the deals, the business practices, and the current state of the industry is essential in order for you to make informed decisions, be in control at all times, and ultimately have a solid career in the music business.”

“These topics and many others are covered in the courses that I teach. Students enrolled in them have to know that I expect them to participate, ask questions, discuss, and challenge their beliefs about things (and my own!). In fact, given the tremendous amount of preconceived ideas that people have about the music industry, I encourage them to go the extra mile and check for themselves to what extent what they think they know about it is true or not. This requires some preparation work during the week previous to the session in the form of exercises and readings. Coming to class prepared is fundamental in order for students to follow the discussions and elevate their tone.”

“Also, I like students to do at least one in-class presentation during the course. Speaking in public is a necessary skill that, like performing live, requires training. And yes, there are going to be tests and exams, too, since it is important to review at least once what has been discussed in class.”

“At times, it might seem like a lot of work, but hopefully you will realize later in your career that it was worth the effort. Remember that you are in the right place. Berklee’s campus in Valencia is the meeting point for aspiring and established musicians as well as music business practitioners, scholars, and students from all over the world.”


Career Highlights

  • Currently managing the consultancy firm The Napkin Idea
  • Former senior legal advisor at the European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers (GESAC)
  • Former market analyst at the New York office of the Trade Commission of Spain
  • Former intern at the Brussels office of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
  • Former attorney at Garrigues Law Firm in Madrid
  • Ph.D. candidate at Universidad de La Laguna, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain
  • Certificate in performance (guitar), Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California
  • Master’s degree in music business, New York University, New York
  • Master of Law, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law, Universidad San Pablo-CEU, Madrid, Spain
  • Bachelor’s degree in mass communication, Universidad de La Laguna, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain