Sinestesia - Berklee Valencia Winter Festival

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Event Dates
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Club Loco
Calle Erudito Orellana 12

On December 11–13 at 8:00 p.m. Berklee Valencia will present its Sinestesia Winter Festival at Loco Club, in Valencia. 

Don’t miss three days of final ensemble performances by Berklee Valencia graduate and undergraduate students, who, along with their ensemble’s faculty leaders, will showcase their artistic and musical progress during the fall semester, in a wide range of musical styles.

Each day will become a journey through different musical genres, including flamenco's and jazz’s energy, the cultural richness of Mediterranean music, the charm of R&B, and much more. 

Access will be free until maximum capacity is reached. 


December 11

  • Mediterranean Fusion Ensemble led by Perico Sambeat
  • Rhythm Ensemble led by Dani Flors
  • Mixed Styles Ensemble led by Javier Vercher
  • Jazz Featuring Vocals Ensemble led by Iván Cebrián
  • Middle Eastern Flamenco Ensemble led by Sergio Martínez 

December 12

  • Bandleading Ensemble led by Viktorija Pilatovic 
  • DJ/VJ Ensemble led by Marta Verde and Nacho Marco
  • Middle Eastern Flamenco Ensemble led by Sergio Martínez 
  • Mixed Styles Ensemble led by Timotej Kotnik and Manuel Pardo
  • Mixed Styles Ensemble led by Javier Vercher 

December 13

  • Mixed World Ensemble led by Federico Nathan 
  • Contemporary S. American Ensemble led by Mariano Steimberg 
  • Mixed Styles Ensemble led by Federico Nathan and Javier Vercher
  • R&B Jam Band Ensemble led by Joshua Wheatley