Webinars for Music Industry Professionals | Berklee Valencia Campus

Webinars for Music Industry Professionals


Leveraging Data in Music

Professor Alexandre Perrin delves into the importance of data in the music industry and walks you through the process of analyzing spreadsheets with large volumes of music data.

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Leading with Ethics in the Creative Industries

Paul Pacifico, CEO of the Association of Independent Music and professor on the Berklee Valencia campus, introduces ethical leadership as a way to create a diverse, innovative, and inclusive organizational culture that inspires change, growth, and productivity.

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Licensing Music in Global Market Recording

Instructor Marjorie Scheker sheds light on the world of music licensing and its processes, reviewing how music licensing has changed over the years and what it looks like today as we analyze case studies across various mediums.

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Licenciando Música en los Mercados Mundiales

En este webinar, Marjorie Scheker nos introduce al mundo de las licencias musicales y sus procesos. Veremos cómo esta parte de la industria ha ido cambiando a lo largo de los años, cuál es su situación a día de hoy, y analizaremos diversos casos de estudio.

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