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COVID-19 Related Information and Next Steps

2020-2021 Valencia Student Handbook

Next Steps

Complete all actions in the “Next Steps” section of your Online Applicant Portal.

  • Complete your student agreements, along with all required personal information including your passport, which needs to be completed through this link. You must provide us with this information before your arrival to campus. If you are unable to do so, you’ll need to provide it during check-in at orientation.
  • Submit a recent headshot through this Berklee ID photo submission form for 2020–2021.

Prepare for the Experience

Life in Spain: What to Expect

In order to fully prepare for your experience in Spain, our library teams in Valencia and Boston prepared two helpful resources for you to review prior to arriving in Valencia. They should provide the right foundations to set you up for success in this multicultural learning environment.

Spanish Language and Culture Resource Guide: This resource guide aims to provide a historical and cultural overview for this experience. All materials have been carefully selected and recommended by our staff and faculty, and they should help you increase your cultural understanding of Spain.

The International Student Experience Resource Guide: This guide aims to provide resources for inspiration, research, and intercultural learning geared towards international students.

Additionally, we recommend that you check out Diversity Abroad: Spain Destination Guide as an external resource to help you prepare fully for the experience.

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you should also enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, a free service that allows U.S. citizens traveling or living abroad to enroll with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you should make sure that you register at your country’s closest embassy or consulate in Spain.

Campus Resources

A number of videos have been carefully prepared for you to become familiar with campus resources and offices. Please carefully review these resources as soon as they become available and prior to your arrival so you can ask questions related to these topics at orientation:

Student Life in Valencia

Review these additional instructions to complete the process of legalizing your residence in Spain. There is specific information included in this document related to UK residents.

Diversity and Inclusion

Complete the Identity pre-assessment prior to watching Module 1.

Complete the Identity Wheel activity after viewing Module 2.

Valencia Facilities Resources and Policies

Check out the Campus Tour section to take the virtual campus tour and start getting familiarized with our facilities.

Equity Modules

The Valencia campus is fully integrated and aligned with Berklee’s overall strategy as it relates to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Community Standards and Conflict Resolution. The following videos have been prepared by colleagues at the Boston campus for all students enrolled at Berklee, including Valencia graduate students and the Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion office in the Valencia campus will act as a liaison with all these different offices in Boston. We expect that all students review these important materials as they prepare for their Berklee journey.

For specific information about Valencia’s Equity Leadership Team please refer to the Equity Leadership Team Valencia’s section on the website.

Community Standards & Conflict Resolution

Valencia Student Handbook and Berklee Policies

All official campus policies and resources are detailed in the 2020–2021 Valencia Student Handbook. We also invite you to review all Berklee student policies including our Code of Community Standards, Equity Policy and Process, and Berklee’s Policy Handbook for Students before your arrival in Valencia. All policies and procedures included in these documents apply in Valencia as they do in Boston.

Accessibility Resources 

Accessibility resources are offered to students who might need academic or other types of accommodations. You can visit the Accessibility Resources for Students page before arriving in Valencia to review the process to register for accommodations and address any questions you might have to

Fall 2020 Graduate Orientation Schedules

As stated in the Academic Calendar 2020-2021, the 2020 Fall Orientation will take place the first week of September. The schedules will be available shortly. Note that, due to the extraordinary circumstances this fall, all orientation sessions will take place remotely to allow all students to attend, regardless of whether they have been able to arrive in Valencia in time, and to allow time to carry out the initial COVID-19 testing that’s required prior to the first week of classes.

The recorded sessions will be available to students who might still be based in a different time zone. Graduate program directors will reach out to you individually as needed to ensure that you are accessing all of the content appropriately.

Finally, if you haven't done so already, we invite you to join the private Berklee Valencia Campus: Graduate Class 2021 Facebook group to meet your fellow classmates as well as students from all the other graduate programs. You should also join the Berklee Valencia Campus Housing Facebook group to get tips and recommendations from previous students regarding their housing experiences and to find potential roommates. Note that Berklee graduate students wishing to stay at Residencia Collegiate—Marina Real (our recommended residence hall) during some or all of their stay in Valencia can reference the following code (MR-BER-000) in the category set as “código de incentivos” for their benefit.  You will need to show evidence of your acceptance at Berklee to confirm your booking there.

If at any time you are unsure about who to contact in order to solve a particular problem or get further information, feel free to contact anyone in the Student Affairs Office (0034 96 333 28 02) or via email at

Have a great summer, and see you soon!


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