Vanessa Garde

“In my classes I teach the technology that is most commonly used in the industry today. Technology is really just a medium to make the creative process easier. Technology helps facilitate creativity, but the inspiration for creativity is highly influenced by you and by your environment.”

Oliver Weder

“I was able to prove myself only because I had learned all the technical skills and orchestral knowledge during my year at the master’s degree.”

Lucio Godoy

“If you’ve been looking for a program with an emphasis on hands-on experience, this is it. You’ll be working hard writing music, recording on our scoring stage, mixing, and presenting your projects. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and experience you need to work in the industry today.”

David Faleris

“Berklee boasts state-of-the-art facilities, hosted by an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated team of faculty and staff. There is no better environment in which to learn the wide variety of real-world skills required to embark upon a career in scoring for film, television, and video games.”

Nick Esposito VIII

“Being surrounded by so many talented composers and musicians from all across the work was an experience unlike anything else. Our different backgrounds and styles created an environment in which the exchange of ideas and techniques was a constant occurrence, which made us all better composers.”

Riley Hughes

“It’s been a real opportunity like meeting musicians and being inspired by that compositionally for our projects that we’re doing and taking advantage of so many different styles and backgrounds to incorporate into our recording sessions.”

Peter Eddins

“The Film Scoring trip to London and getting to record in Abbey Road Studios is the highlight of not only this year for me, but my life thus far. That’s an opportunity I’d only get at Berklee.”

McKenna Smith

“Berklee to me will always be the place where I learned to survive doing what I love.”

Maria Grigoryeva

“This experience can give me a lot in the future because we started with the teachers who have a lot of experience in these areas and I also can get with other people, with performers and best musicians from different parts of the world. So I have every day inspiration coming from different people.”