Viktorija Pilatovic

“I feel I have grown as a person and also developed a teaching technique that works. I see a very tangible progress on my students, which is my biggest goal.”

Michael Sean Harris

“I have found that an attitude of openness to learning from situations or from others, or even the willingness to remain current and aware of emerging trends, has helped me to make a career out of music. It might not be the rock star path, but it’s real and attainable.”

Jordan Gagné

“Like a lot of people, my work in L.A. started as an intern, and because of the tech skills that I picked up during my time at Berklee I was able to make enough of an impression to be brought on as a paid assistant.”

Jelena Ciric

“JazzUV is one of very few jazz programs in Mexico, and a fairly new one, which means that I’ve had the chance to develop the voice curriculum. When deciding what skills are necessary for our students to forge a vibrant career in music, I’ve definitely drawn on my experiences at Berklee and the Berklee model.”

Ricardo Curto

“Berklee gave me everything I needed to be a complete musician and entrepreneur.”

Cinnamon Denise

“I have learned how to penetrate the music industry more effectively and intentionally.”

Dave Altarescu

The competition out there is fierce. There are always going to be more people than there are opportunities in an industry like the music industry. But, Berklee alumni have a network of other Berklee alumni and they have a skill set going into the industry that I think differentiates them and its something that is acknowledged in the music industry.

Larrie Fisher

“There’s someone who is going to help me, people who are working in the field and to bring people in just to inspire us and give us advice along the way.”