Gerami Groover – Alumni Experience 9

Even though my time at Terminus Studios was short, I truly have taken with me the words of wisdom shared with me … I feel even more equipped and secure with my talents and knowledge, and look forward to continue prospering in my career as a producer and audio engineer.

Sammy Pisano – Alumni Experience 8

With respect to the general knowledge about the music business, how it functions, and other more detailed topics that the (Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business program at Berklee’s campus in Valencia) covered, having first-hand exposure to events that occur at a music company helped me to learn many things that cannot be taught inside the classroom.

David Federman – Alumni Experience 7

The most striking thing that I observed throughout the course of the internship was how well the master’s program prepared me for any entry point into the industry. As my last point of reference for the process of a cue becoming part of a media project was playing all of the roles myself —composer, orchestrator, copyist, assistant engineer, music preparation/printing intern, conductor/producer, mixing engineer, and music editor—it was insightful to see how the composition process scales up in the real world. I can report that Berklee… operates a relatively accurate scale model of the industry.

MT Srinivasan – Alumni Experience 6

This internship experience has been everything I wanted it to be and more. It showed me my weaknesses, strengths, what I wanted to do, and helped me forge a path toward my career.

Felipe Saalfeld – Alumni Experience 5

I had three overall goals for this experience: 1) incorporate music business in my life (career-twist as an engineer) 2) get an overall understanding on how the live-entertainment business model works, and 3) experience how the biggest worldwide productions occur. All three have being successfully fulfilled throughout this internship.

Bernardo Castro

By doing this internship, I managed to get involved fully in a creative environment that motivated and inspired me daily and that—more importantly—led to a job offer.

Robert Cooper – Alumni Experience 2

Overall, my internship has been incredible. I have been learning from two Grammy-nominated recording engineers and have gone way beyond the skills I acquired from being at Berklee. I owe so much to Berklee for getting me in touch with them and finalizing the plans for this internship. I would not have done things any differently if I had to go back again, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead that have been made possible by interning here.

Jonathan Ruiz Mosquera – Alumni Experience 1

Besides the knowledge and speed I gained from working in music production every day, I learned a lot about how the industry runs from a producer and independent-music label perspective, about the strategies used to run successful campaigns, and about how to brainstorm the next moves.