Michelle Golden

“I chose Berklee College of Music in Valencia because I wanted to get a well-rounded, global perspective on the industry.”

Emilien Moyon

“In only one year, this unique master’s degree accelerates your career in music business.”

Alexandre Perrin

“I help students to understand where the money comes from and where the money goes.”

Aman Wadhwa

“The music business seminars… are probably the best part about this course. A few of my favorite people who I’ve actually met have come to campus are key leaders in the industry. It is a privlidge to get to spend some time with them and learn from them.”

Stephanie Hernandez

“I have gotten the opportunity to work on many different projects such as TEDx Berklee Valencia, the Women’s Empower Symposium but I would say that my favorite one has been the people that I’ve met from all over the world, the friendships that I’ve made that I’m sure will last a lifetime.”

Louis Pratt

“There’s lots of opportunities to go into Valencia and meet performing artists and create a musical community here.”

ClaÏs Sofie Lemmens

“Berklee really is a gateway to the industry. You get so many connections right away. You know people and you get opportunities to work in the field, so for me if was the perfect decision to get a head start in the industry.”