Sergio Martínez

“Coming from flamenco music…I really appreciate the great things of the old school, tribal teaching methods, based in oral transmission.”

Perico Sambeat

“In my classes, students learn how to improvise through the development of musical knowledge, development of harmonic and melodic ear, and aesthetic choices. This allows them to become better musicians and understand music more deeply.”

Maureen Choi

“I believe in a strong technical foundation in order to have command over the instrument because with that command comes the ease to take control and express oneself freely.”

Casey Driessen

“As a stylistically independent program, diverse musical and cultural backgrounds on any instrument are not only welcomed but encouraged – joining forces for one exciting year at the intersection of musical paths to explore unique creative possibilities through performance and recorded production.”

Brian Zalmijn

“My experience as a performing artist, recording artist, and songwriter mean that I know what is needed to have a sustainable career in the music industry.”

Ricardo Curto

“Berklee gave me everything I needed to be a complete musician and entrepreneur.”

Nick Stefanacci

“I’m a performer at heart, and I get to work with so many great musicians that it just influences what I do as an artist and who I am.”

Olivia Mok

“When I came here I met at least 15 different worlds. I learned rock, Arabic, Latin, jazz, which I never dreamed that I even begin to do and people took me in as one of thier own. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t improvise, eventually, I learned. Here, worlds collide.”

Jana Sustersic

“I feel more prepared than ever, confident in my ideas and inner voice, comfortable with my identity and inspired by my newly found musical togetherness.”

Victor Mendoza

“In the contemporary performance (production concentration) program you get to study under the guidance of world-class performers and work alongside highly-talented musicians from around the world. This high level of training gets you the tools you need to be a successful musician, artist and producer.”

Celia Mur

“I try to teach my students to challenge themselves in a way that develops their melodic ideas beyond all limits, so I encourage them to explore all vocal options, maintain that curiosity, and explore their limits.”