Visnja Begovic

“I loved the open interaction between the faculty and students, the amazing vibe the campus has, and the reinforcement the experience gave me to come back to Boston much more motivated and ready.”

Lauren McNutt

“The Valencia community is amazing! Since there is a small group of students so it’s easy to meet new people and take advantage of all the Valencia campus has to offer.”

Carlos Nogueras

“The most memorable part of my experience was the amount of culture surrounding the Valencian city.”

Alexandre Perrin

“I help students to understand where the money comes from and where the money goes.”

Maureen Choi

“I believe in a strong technical foundation in order to have command over the instrument because with that command comes the ease to take control and express oneself freely.”

Brian Zalmijn

“My experience as a performing artist, recording artist, and songwriter mean that I know what is needed to have a sustainable career in the music industry.”

Victor Mendoza

“In the contemporary performance (production concentration) program you get to study under the guidance of world-class performers and work alongside highly-talented musicians from around the world. This high level of training gets you the tools you need to be a successful musician, artist and producer.”

Celia Mur

“I try to teach my students to challenge themselves in a way that develops their melodic ideas beyond all limits, so I encourage them to explore all vocal options, maintain that curiosity, and explore their limits.”