Q&A with Mikaela Allen, Digital Marketing Manager, Analytics and Engagement at Tidal | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Q&A with Mikaela Allen, Digital Marketing Manager, Analytics and Engagement at Tidal

“One of the most useful learning experiences I had in the classroom was my culminating experience. It helped me think at the real-world caliber in authentic situations.” – Mikaela Allen

Since earning her graduate degree from Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Mikaela Allen M.A. ’14 has accumulated substantial experience in the fields of digital marketing and social media. As a result, she now serves as digital marketing manager, analytics and engagement at Tidal, where she works with upcoming and established artists to help them boost their subscriptions and brand awareness. We recently sat down with Allen to discuss her new role at the company.

Why did you decide to pursue Berklee’s Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business program at the Valencia campus?

I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for my undergraduate degree in music business. While I was finishing up my junior year, there was a huge announcement for the launch of Berklee’s international campus. After learning more about the Global Entertainment and Music Business program, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to expand my foundation of knowledge about the music industry, and gain experience working in a new market.


What opportunities did you have in Valencia that you may not have had otherwise?

A couple of the people in our program knew how to play instruments, so we jokingly started doing an acoustic version of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Stay Together.” From there, we decided to actually create a music business band! The initial plan was to just rehearse a few songs for fun, but we ended up actually booking semi-regular gigs around Valencia as well as a few shows in Barcelona. I was a flute principal at Berklee in Boston, so it was the first time I had ever sung in public, let alone on stage. That experience taught me the importance of releasing inhibitions and really diving into new experiences.

What things did you learn at Berklee Valencia that positioned you for success after graduation?

One of the most useful learning experiences I had in the classroom was my culminating experience…. It touched on everything from building a business to working with a diverse group of people with different personalities and working styles from all over the world. In addition, immersing myself in a new culture was one of the most rewarding experiences. Life lessons like the importance of patience, understanding, and handling change are just as important as what you learn in the classroom.

You currently work as a digital marketing manager, analytics and engagement at Tidal, where you previously worked as an engagement coordinator. What aspects of your current job do you enjoy the most?

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is getting together with all the department leads and brainstorming strategies before a big project. It’s a relatively small team with diverse backgrounds, so it is always very interesting when we all come together to share ideas and build marketing plans. I also have the opportunity to work with many different artists, both established and rising. Working here has given me the chance to capture content from concerts and festivals around the world and meet some of the people that have inspired me all my life. It’s pretty cool to have Jay-Z as your boss.

How does your role contribute to the success of Tidal’s platform?

It’s my job to help connect the dots at Tidal between the content creators and the audience they want to reach. My approach is based in data and social listening to help increase brand awareness and boost subscriptions. I go through each project and assess how it performed on our social channels. From there, I meet with each project lead to assess the results and help mold the strategy for future projects.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

For any students either currently attending or considering Berklee, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your experience is what you make of it. Go to workshops, talk to people in your classes and in other programs, get to know the ladies in Student Affairs because they are amazing, and know when to double down and when to take a break.

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