Q&A with Artur Melo e Castro, Digital Product Analyst at Red Bull Media House | Berklee Valencia Campus
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Q&A with Artur Melo e Castro, Digital Product Analyst at Red Bull Media House

“My time at Berklee made me realize that soft skills play an essential role in succeeding in today’s highly competitive labor market.” – Artur Melo e Castro M.A. ’18

Artur Melo e Castro M.A. ’18 landed his current job at Red Bull Media House after completing a six-month internship with the company. For the Portugal native, who started his professional career in the biotech sector, Berklee Valencia was a life-changing experience that allowed him to shift career paths. We recently talked to him about his time at Berklee Valencia, and how the experience prepared him for his new position.

Why did you decide to pursue the Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business program at Berklee’s Valencia campus?

After studying economics and music, I realized my passion sat somewhere in between. While working for Ambifood, a biotech company back home in Portugal, I started searching for business master’s degrees that offered a specialization in the entertainment and music industries. That’s why and how I ended up at Berklee Valencia.

What’s the most important lesson you learned at Berklee?

Among the many lessons learned, I’d probably highlight how relevant and crucial soft skills are. While technical ability is needed, my time at Berklee made me realize soft skills play an essential role in succeeding in today’s highly competitive labor market. That’s why I really appreciate the great work the International Career Center (ICC) does, as well as the business program’s structure, which puts a strong emphasis on attending industry conferences, as well as inviting professionals to visit our campus on a weekly basis.

What are some things you learned at Berklee that helped position you for a successful career?

On the one hand, classes such as Finance, Economics of Creative Industries, and Data Analytics provided me with the analytical skills required to perform my job. On the other, the ICC’s workshops and mentorship sessions have helped me a great deal in taking my networking and job hunting to the next level, which eventually led to Red Bull’s internship, which ended up resulting in a job offer.

In May, you started working as a data analytics intern for Red Bull in Austria, and in November the company hired you as a full-time digital product analyst. How were these roles different in terms of your tasks and responsibilities?

I’ve been hired to continue doing the same type of work I did as an intern—provide in-depth analyses and research on our digital products (i.e. the many platforms we own, such as redbull.com and Red Bull TV), this time with increased responsibility. Because I like to wear different hats, my team also trusts me to provide analyses on social media channels and content performance, although this takes a small portion of my time.

You served on Berklee’s Student Advisory Board in Valencia. What were the main topics addressed to the executive team, and what were communications like between the two groups?

Berklee Valencia’s executive team embodies a dynamic, young, and highly motivated group of people, which made it easy for me and my colleagues to address issues such as the increasing pressure put on campus infrastructure, and how to best support great events organized by our highly skilled students, including the Musaico Festival.

You also served as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ambassador. Can you tell us more about this experience, and how it related to your time in Berklee Valencia?

One of the factors contributing to Berklee Valencia’s strong curriculum is the possibility to apply for a number of excellent extracurricular activities, and the partnership with the United Nations is arguably the most prestigious. I was fortunate enough to assemble a team of accomplished graduate students, and we partnered up with the foundation Casa de Caridad to collect food and clothes over the winter season to provide for the 25 percent of Valencians who live below the poverty line.

What are your future career plans?

My dream is to move to the United States and work for an American tech and media company. The skills I gathered at Berklee Valencia made it possible for me to be on the right path towards achieving my goals. I’m very excited to see what the future holds!


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