La Nit de Berklee

Berklee’s campus in Valencia’s class of 2017 will be graduating on Monday, July 10. To celebrate this milestone, students from all four master’s degree programs at Berklee’s Valencia campus will put on a special concert that will take place on a floating stage opposite the Hemisféric, in collaboration with the City of Arts and Sciences on July 8 at 10 p.m. (CEST). John McLaughlin will perform during the commencement concert and will receive a Honorary Doctorate handed by Berklee’s president Roger Brown during the commencement exercises on July 10. John McLaughlin (Doncaster, England) is considered one of the best guitarists alive. A number of prominent musicians cite him as an influence. His music includes many genres of jazz, which he has coupled with elements of rock, Indian classical music, Western classical music, flamenco, and blues, to become one of the pioneering figures in fusion. The show is open at all the public free of cost as Berklee’s campus in Valencia invites the entire city to proudly celebrate the work by the 2017 graduating students. Last year, more than 4,000 people attended! Come enjoy the performances of amazing bands led by musicians from around the world! This concert is proudly supported by Fundación Bancaja, Yamaha, COPE Valencia, and Mapfre. LA NIT DE BERKLEE PROGRAM Pre-Concert DJ Set by Uncle Ricky A.K.A. Jon Erik Lindberg and Kontejas A.K.A. Tejaswi Gorti Faces of Berklee Valencia Video Video by Samuel Zhang “Follow Me” Composed by Polina Zizak Arranged by Joshua Wheatley and Polina Zizak Performers: Polina Zizak, Arletis García, Caleb Gore, Hannah Lebel, Emmanuel Linois, Clifford Bond, Hooni Min, Ryan Kimbrell, Tabari Lake, Joshua Wheatley, Diego Martínez Ordiñana, Carlos Escocés. “Flu” Composed and arranged Rachel Lanskey Performers: Rachel Lanskey, Joyce Cheung, Yusi Zhou, Arletis Garcia, Gina Mirenda, Polina Zizak, Rasika Shekar, Jennifer McMahon, Jelena Soro, Ena Marley, Lili del Sol, Paula Piñero, Paula Bast. “Corporal AB / Sarty Party / We’ll Aye Gang Back To Yon Town” Traditional / Traditional / Composed by Alexander Walker Arranged by Beòlach, adapted by David Duncan Yandell Performers: David Duncan Yandell, Scott Peters, Rasika Shekar, Sam Amos, Ricardo Osorno, Gina Mirenda, Jennifer McMahon, Casey Driessen. “The Lake” Composed and orchestrated by Nerea Alberdi Music recorded at Air Studios, London “Eclipse” Composed and arranged by Hooni Min Performers: Hooni Min, Michael Bester, Ryan Kimbrell, Tabari Lake, Joshua Wheatley. “Penumbra” Animation and Sound Design by Matt McIntyre “Answer” Composed and arranged by Steve Umculo Performers: Steve Umculo, Michael Bester, Cliff Bond, Ricardo Osorno, Johann Audiffren, Jennifer McMahon, Caleb Gore, Scott Peters, Hannah Lebel, Keturah Brown, Elias Wuermeling, Casey Driessen. Solo Guitar Arranged by John McLaughlin Performer: John McLaughlin “My Favorite Things” Composed by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers Arranged by John Coltrane, adapted by John McLaughlin and Casey Driessen Performers: John McLaughlin, Rasika Shekar, Hooni Min, Tabari Lake, Joshua Wheatley INTERMISSION Intermission DJ Set by Noceur Pneuma A.K.A. Koray Onat “Lose or Hope” Composed and arranged by Yusi Zhou Video by Yu Lu Performer:Yusi Zhou “The Journey” Composed and arranged by Joyce Cheung Video by Erik Hasan Gomez Performers: Joyce Cheung, Tabari Lake, Henry Rater, Daniel Sottile, Rachel Lanskey, Scott Peters, César Secundino Méndez, Paula Piñero, Martin Lucy, Rasika Shekar, Jelena Soro, Jason Huang, Johan Audiffren, Andre Walker. “Danza de las Arañas” Composed and arranged by Cesar Secundino Mendez and Victor Mendoza Performers: César Secundino Méndez, Rachel Lanskey, Joyce Cheung, Kevin Reierson, Johann Audiffren, Sebastian Laverde, Victor Mendoza. “Coda” Video and music by Palendroma A.K.A. Nitin Muralikrishna “Aguacate” Composed and arranged by Lili del Sol Video by Lili del Sol Performers: Lili del Sol, Johann Audiffren, Andres Mira, Joyce Cheung, César Secundino Méndez, Sergio del Castillo, Rachel Lanskey, Iran Garcia, Paula Piñero, John Leavitt, Sebastian Laverde, Mariano Steimberg. “The Bloop Troop” Composed and orchestrated by Mauricio Ribeiro Original animated short directed by Ram Singh Music recorded at Air Studios, London “Yesterday” Composed by Caleb Gore Arranged by Caleb Gore String Arrangement by Joyce Cheung Conducted by Joaquin Garcia Performers: Caleb Gore, Jennifer McMahon, Arletis García, Steve Umculo, Michael Bester, Cliff Bond, David Duncan Yandell, Daniel Sottile, Elliot Sabbagh, Henry Rater, Keith Leung, Rachel Lanskey, Yurie Minakta, Scott Peters, Joyce Cheung, John Stewart, Hannah Lebel, Kevin Reierson, Angela Hsieh, Guy Schneider, Neal Dingies, Johann Audiffren, Pedro Antonio Rodriguez Cortez. “Hallelujah / Freedom / Johnny B. Goode” Composed by Leonard Cohen / George Michael / Chuck Berry Conducted by John Leavitt, Alicia Fernández Morote, Vanessa Garde Arrangement by John Leavitt, Alicia Fernández Morote, Mauricio Vasconcelos and Vanessa Garde Choreography by Clara Barberá Performers: Joshua Wheatley, Johann Audiffren, Tabari Lake, Michael Bester, Darro Chea, Joyce Cheung, Matt Struthers, Ryan Kimbrell, Polina Zizak, Caleb Gore, Kaya Rand, Lili del Sol, Jennifer McMahon, Paula Bast, Stephen Haiden, Justin Russell, Sean Goldman, Sahlia Wong, Sara Hau, Martin Lo, David Yandell, Daniel Sottile, Elliott Sabbagh, King Heng Leung, Yurie Minakata, Scott Peters, Diego Martínez Ordiñana, Carlos Escocés, Javier Feltrer, Kako Rubio, Lluis Granell, Sebastián Laverde. Watch last year’s commencement concert videos: