Berklee was founded on the revolutionary principle that the best way to prepare students for careers in music is through the study and practice of contemporary music. For 70 years, the college has evolved to reflect the current state of the music industry, leading the way with baccalaureate studies in performance, music business/management, songwriting, music therapy, film scoring, and more. In June 2016, the Boston Conservatory merged with Berklee, creating the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic training ground for music, dance, theater, and related professions.

With a focus on global learning, the Berklee campus in Valencia, Spain, offers graduate programs and a study abroad opportunity, while Berklee Online serves distance learners worldwide with extension classes and degree-granting programs. The Berklee City Music Network provides after-school programming for underserved teens in 43 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. With a student body representing more than 100 countries, abundant international undergraduate and graduate student populations (33 and 53 percent, respectively), and alumni and faculty who have won more than 300 Grammy and Latin Grammy awards, Berklee is the world's premier learning lab for the music of today—and tomorrow.

Berklee College of Music in Boston

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Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain

Berklee’s campus in Valencia is the first international campus established by the renowned Berklee College of Music - and its first campus outside of Boston.

Located in the iconic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, the magnificent 3,600 square meter campus has been designed specifically for music and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Berklee’s Valencia campus aims to provide a hub to launch the careers across the globe for the most musically talented international students. Offering a unique curriculum, as well as an International Career Center to assist students in their transition from student to music professional, the campus presented Berklee College of Music’s first graduate master’s degree programs in contemporary music (Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games; Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration); and Global Entertainment and Music Business) in September 2012, and launched a fourth new graduate program: Music Production, Technology, and Innovation in September 2013. In addition, Berklee’s campus in Valencia offers a Study Abroad Program for Berklee students from Boston to study for a term at Valencia, Summer and Special Programs, as well as a new way for musicians around the world to join the global music community – as performers, as practitioners, and as leaders.


The vibrant, colorful, and modern Europan city of Valencia was chosen for the international campus not just due to its strong musical symphonic brand tradition(it is home to 50 percent of Spain's musicians: 40,000 musicians, 60,000 students, and a 20,000 strong Valencia Musical Association).


As such, it provides the ideal learning environment and inspiration for the preparation of the global music leaders of tomorrow.

Academic Programs

Berklee's unique graduate programs are designed to introduce students to the globalization of the music industry while developing the necessary international mindset, practical skills, and competencies required to become successful global music leaders in their chosen field.


Students in Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) hone performance skills on stage and in the studio, master the unique demands faced by performers in the 21st century, and develop strategies for producing and marketing their performance projects.

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In the Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games program, students focus on the art and craft of composing, orchestrating, editing, and integrating music for a range of media.

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Students in Global Entertainment and Music Business learn to meet the artistic management and entrepreneurial challenges of music and digital media in today’s international entertainment industry.

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The Music Production, Technology, and Innovation master's degree program explores new artistic directions and modes of expression using innovations in music, in technology, and in the application of technology to music.

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Every academic year Berklee’s campus in Valencia welcomes undergraduate students through the college’s study abroad programs, offering them the chance to spend a semester or a full year at the international campus in Spain to experience the rich Mediterranean culture and prepare them to face the unique challenges of the global music industry.


Students come to Berklee because they are passionate about music and creativity—and because they seek expert guidance to help them realize their dreams of becoming artists and innovators of tomorrow. First Year Abroad students can begin this journey in Boston, or at Berklee’s state-of-the-art campus in the vibrant, culturally rich Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain.
In Valencia, students will have the opportunity to begin their Berklee experience in a more intimate setting, one that places a strong emphasis on the global music industry and international career paths. Students will complete the same core curriculum taken by entering students on the Boston campus, while also enjoying an immersive cultural experience in one of the most important musical regions of Spain.

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Berklee’s campus in Valencia welcomes about 100 undergraduate students from Boston each semester through the college’s exclusive Berklee Study Abroad program, offering them the chance to spend a semester at the international campus in Spain to experience the rich Mediterranean culture and prepare them to face the unique challenges of the global music industry. Students focus on programs in music technology and international music business, enabling those who seek to specialize in the global music industry the opportunity to develop their international skills, competence, and mindset, all while earning credit toward their undergraduate degrees.

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The campus offers summer programs designed to provide international students with the chance to enhance their musical talents and perfect practical skills, as well as network in a multicultural environment and experience the state-of the art facilities in Valencia.


For three weeks, aspiring young opera singers from around the world come together to participate in the Boston Conservatory Opera Intensive at Valencia. Sponsored by Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Berklee College of Music's campus in Valencia, this unique program offers talented singers the opportunity to hone their technical skills with world-class faculty, gain valuable performance experience in a variety of settings, learn how to build and maintain a career in opera, and connect with industry professionals.

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An intensive three- or six-week Summer Study Abroad program offers both Berklee and non-Berklee undergraduate students from around the world the opportunity to study at the Valencia campus, specializing in music production and technology, music and entertainment business, and film scoring while earning undergraduate college credit.

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The Summer Performance Program is a comprehensive two-week summer music performance program open to musicians above 15 years old with a minimum of six months instrument or voice experience. It features world-class Berklee faculty, visiting artists, state-of-the-art facilities, and a chance to study a variety of contemporary music styles including jazz, Latin jazz, fusion, pop-rock, R&B, and Mediterranean music.

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In addition, the Symphonic Bands Workshops are sponsored through a joint partnership with the government of Valencia and offered exclusively to musicians and conductors who are members of the Federación de Sociedades Musicales de la Comunidad Valenciana.

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The Campus and Its Facilities

The 3,600-square-meter campus, located in the City of Arts and Sciences, is designed specifically for music and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing an unrivalled environment for studying, recording, and performing music.


The academic area comprises ensemble rooms, classrooms, teaching studios, and practice rooms, all with acoustic room treatment, high-tech equipment, and an extensive variety of instruments, emulating the conditions of professional environments. All rooms have been specifically built to the highest standards of acoustics through the use of soundproofing as well as absorption and diffusion materials on room surfaces in order to provide rooms with sonic isolation.

One of the ensemble rooms


The state-of-the-art music technology complex houses two technology labs and five recording studios, including a world-class scoring stage. The scoring stage and the recording studios were designed by acoustic design consultants at Walters-Storyk Design Group—renowned for its work on studios for Alicia Keys, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, and MTV Latin America—in collaboration with chairs, deans, and technology lab staff from Berklee.

The scoring stage is a 126-square-meter facility including an 80-square-meter live room, a 46-square-meter control room, and an isolated machine room with high ceilings, a wall and floor with variable surfaces for diverse acoustical configurations, two iso-overdub booths, a control room, and an isolated machine room. The control room configuration supports the teaching of classes. Every aspect of the technology facilities is geared toward preparing students to meet the challenges of the music industry environment.

The scoring stage


Through a special agreement between the Palau de les Arts and Berklee College of Music, students at the Valencia campus can partake in performances and concerts at this world-class live music venue. Students, visiting artists, and faculty have access and use of its impressive Auditori, providing seating for up to 1,490 spectators. In addition, Teatre Martín i Soler seats an audience of 400 and has an opera pit and full complement of the latest stage equipment.

Palau de les Arts


A faculty of inspiring educators and industry professionals bringing years of experience into the classroom teach the Berklee curriculum in Valencia. The faculty comprises renowned professionals in their respective fields, such as Casey Driessen, Polo Ortí, Perico Sambeat, Javier Vercher, Gary Willis, Victor Mendoza, Olga Roman, Pablo Munguía, Lucio Godoy, Sergio Lacima, Alfons Conde, Viktorija Pilatovic, Emilien Moyon, Nevena Vujosevic, Alexandre Perrin, Alf Olofsson, Enrique Hernandis, Daniel Flors, Germán Ramos, and Constantino Martínez Orts, among others.

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The International Career Center (ICC)

Berklee's International Career Center (ICC) is available to all students at the Valencia campus and is the first career center of its kind in the music industry. With an overall focus on music career management, its mission is to provide expert guidance, cutting-edge resources, and professional development experiences to a diverse student body for the achievement of their music career goals, helping them access available resources and activities, and apply them to their career paths.


Berklee’s Campus in Valencia
Students: Statistics

International and Cultural Diversity

Since it opened doors in 2012 and now in its seventh academic year, Berklee’s campus in Valencia has welcomed over 2,000 graduate and undergraduate students from more than 70 different countries.

Diversity in Age and Experience

The average age of graduates from the master’s degree programs this academic year is 25 years old, and the range is between 20 and 44 years, with a gender distribution of 67 percent male and 33 percent female (this changes to 39 percent male and 61 percent female for the global entertainment and music business graduate program).

Berklee’s Campus in Valencia Graduate Alumni: Statistics

Berklee Valencia alumni are working in many prominent companies. In the business sphere, some highlighted companies are Apple, BMAT, Cooking Vinyl, Google, Music Ally, Live Nation, Red Bull, Sony, Spotify, and Tidal. On the technology and production side we have alumni in Warner Chapell Production Music, Audible, Capitol Studios, Electronic Creatives, InMusic, Izotope, and Roli. In education, alumni are working at the African Music Institute, Berklee, EMMAT (Colombia), Global Music Institute (India), Los Angeles Film School, INterlochen Center for the Arts, and NYU (Abu Dhabi), to name a few. In composition, some highlighted companies are Bleeding Fingers, Joann Kane Music Service, Planethelio Studios, ShutterStock, and Spitfire Audio. Among the freelancers, many alumni have received awards and obtained important achievements: they got on Billboard-China no. 1 hit of Chinese television series and movies, received the 1st prize at JoJazz (Cuba), became finalists at the Montreal International Film Music Composition Competition and they won the SOCAN Young Foundation Award for Emerging Audio-Visual Composers (Canada). The Valencia alumni have also scored and orchestrated for movies, ads, mobile games, and they have released albums and toured with or been opening acts for renowned artists.

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* As per data collected in spring 2018

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